Rosenthal on Zito

Says he should sign with the Mets and take less money, because he will be more successful there.  He is essentially arguing that the Mets are a much better franchise than the Rangers.

I just don't see his points.  I think Adam's analysis proves that Zito could be very successful in Texas.  I think the teams are about equal as organizations, and the Rangers are in a much better situation as far as having a pitching staff to support Zito.  The Mets are old and the Rangers are not.  By the 3rd or 4th year of his contract, the Mets could be looking at major overhaul in the pitching staff, or relying on FA signings.  The Mets did have a really good season last year, but a lot of that was on the backs of pitchers who are approaching 40 and/or are FA's.

2006 - 97-65
2005 - 83-79
2004 - 71-91
2003 - 66-95
Total: 317 - 330

2006 - 80-82
2005 - 79-83
2004 - 89-73
2003 - 71-91

Total: 319 - 329

The Mets had one big break out year last year, but their pitching situations is not as strong as the Rangers.  Padilla (29) is young, and Millwood (31) is in his prime.  Both are locked up to be there for 3-4 years when Zito would be here.  We've got a pack of young pitchers that are already in the majors and another bunch that are near-major league ready.  

The Mets:
S Trachsel (36) - Free Agent
T Glavine (40) - He is 40 and would only be there one or two more seasons.
O Hernandez (37) - FA and he is old
P Martinez (35) - Hurt, but has a few years on his contract.
O Perez - Bust.
J Maine - Up and comaing.

Then there is this:
And remember, Rodriguez begged out of Texas after only three seasons - three seasons into a 10-year contract.

I do not think it is fair to compare the situations.  Alex wanted out b/c he did not want to re-build, not because he was not able to be successful.  The team had their best year in 5 years after he left.  Isn't Rosenthal on the Alex-should-opt-out-band-wagon also??  Don't think you can have it both ways-- Alex is smart for leaving a bad team (that wasn't bad) and Alex is not clutch and should opt out, because he is bad for the Yankees.

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