A very dumb thought

Like Bob on BAD Radio, I think this team is WAY average.  And, they are an average team that is underperforming.  He advocates playing the future...and I agree.  We currently have three problems (pretty much the same problems we've always had): clutch hitting, starting pitching, and the pen.  The pen will be helped by reinforcements coming soon.  Starting pitching will come somewhat, but there's not timetable on that and you have to remember TINSTAAPP.  

So, here's my dumb thought.  Deal from a position of strength that will get you the most return.  You need starting pitching and you need to improve your hitting.  There is one player on our team that has incredible trade value and despite the fact that he is a perennial batting average leader, he is on a record pace for GIDP this year.  He is a leader on a team that has become complacent and lost it's fire.  Where is all this leading...yep...I'll say it...

Trade Michael Young.  Package Young with Mench/Nix and Diamond and go get a young starting pitcher that is worthy of the deal.  Grab a good prospect or two as well.  

You might think I'm crazy.  I agree with you.  But consider this...Young is the team's leader on a complacent team going nowhere.  Everyone touts Young's replacement as a legit stud prospect.  Arias could come up and take Young's place with DeRosa covering him if needed.  I think we've had the wrong guy in potential trades.  We should look at trading Young instead of Arias.  Build this team for next year.  Now let me say don't trade Young unless you are getting a good deal in return.  I'm not in favor of dumping Young.  But, if we can get a good young starter and two good prospects for him, I think you have to consider it.  

From there, you can trade Barajas to the Rockies for something of value.  Jason Jennings is 6-6 with a 3.85 ERA, in Colo-freaking-rado.  Grab him.  With a revamped rotation of Millwood, (traded guy), Padilla, Eaton, Koronka/Rheinecker, you really have the makings of a great year.  

I'd love to see a lineup of:

  1. GMJ (CF)
  2. Kinsler (2B)
  3. Tex (1B)
  4. Blalock (3B)
  5. DeRosa (RF/DH)
  6. Laird (C)
  7. Wilky (LF)
  8. Botts (DH/RF)
  9. Arias (SS)
for the rest of the year and then start plugging in pieces in the OF during FA next year.

Crazy...yeah...I am.  But I'm about taking risks to have a chance to win a World Series...something John Hart would have never done.

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