Top 5 free agents the Rangers should go after.....

Kosuke Fukudome

-Asian Persuassion.  This could turn out to be one of the biggest steals in years in terms of contract status.  The centerfield market is way to high for average guys.  Rowand isn't that good unless you have a fettish for gritty players.  Torri Hunter isn't worth 90 million, we all know that.  If gm's want to go out and blow a facial on a average centerfielder, more power to them.  I will go 6/60 for Fukodome if that what it takes, he has PROVEN he can take a walk and hit for OBP.  If we can't get him, then stick with Byrd for a year.  

Jose Guillen

-This guy might be the biggest F-up of all time, but he proves he can hit and he hates the Angels.  What is there not to like?  Plug him in right field and don't look back until he try's to shank Ron Washington.

Barlolo Colon

-All any of you all can say is that he's a fatass, you all are just pissed he has owned the Rangers in the past years.  You can say he is washed up or whatever, But if he can pitch anything like he did two years ago, he is worth it.  And anyway, he will come cheap.  1/6, F to the Duh...

Reggie Sanders

-Wherever he goes he wins, except Kansas City.  He plays outfield and DH, PUT HIM AT 1ST.  Duh, he is 6-1 and could probably handel the posistion.  I'll take a guy that can get on base 40 percent of the time.  And I know that he can't hit HR's, but leave that up to Guillen...

Milton Bradley

-I love seeing guys throwing tantrums, it is lots more exciting than watching the Rangers blow.  I want to see him try to shank someone, that might spark something for this team.  Who would you take in a fight, Frank Francisco or Milton Bradly?  I will tell you right now, Frank Francisco.  Milton pulls out a knife and trys to swipe Frank's neck, as Frank picks up a chair and snaps his arm off and then gently wacks his head with it.

In reality, I love how there are all these posts about these peoples dreams.  Like Santana?  OK, lets trade our whole damn farm system so that we can get him for a year then watch him leave.  Since our team is in position to win and everything....

Back to Kosuke Fukudome, he will not be a bust.  How many Asian failures are there in the MLB, there reliable.  Except for that Kaz dude, but he looks like a sketchball anyway's...

Convo with my chinese teacher
Me-Hey Ms. Wu, have you ever been to Mcdonalds?
Her-No, I go Kentucky chicken.

Ive got a fun little quizzicle(poll) to take to your right, ponder that for a sec...

If a quiz is a quizzicle, what is a test?

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