This thing is done!!!!

Where to start?  

Outfield:  This may be the worst outfield ever assembled.  It has no pop, zero.  If Sooser is the DH how many homers can we expect from the troica of Cat/Wilk, Lofton, and Cruz........50 tops!  Defensively I would say that lft and center are below avg with only Cruz having the potential to be a plus outfielder but his inexperience will keep him from being that this year.

Infield:  This is the most overated thing to hit DFW since the 3 J's(or DVD).  Blalock is finished, Wash promised to fix him and so far the results are teerrrible.  Mike Young will indeed hit but his defensive range reminds me of Kevin Elster.  Ball after ball getting up the middle on his side of 2nd base.  I see it time after time.  When we are on D the ball hit back up the middle is ALWAYS a hit.  When the other team is in the field you'll be thinking for a second the Rags have a hit up the middle but then Uribe, et. al. make the play. Sorry can twist the #'s anyway you want, the guy IS a defensive liability.  I personally would like him at third with his plus arm(hello Young at 3rd, Arod at short, Kinsler at 2nd, and Hafner at 1st........just dreaming.  No complaints with Kinsler.  But Tex, oh boy!  He is the king of meaningless stats(sorry Arod haters).  He does his best hitting with the Rags out of the race.  He sucks in the 1st half and then pours it on when the division is lost...brilliant.  And don't tell me how he dominated in the 2nd half last year with the Rags still in the race(saying the Rangers were in the race last year is an example of wishful thinking at best).  

Catching:  I like Laird....... but that doesnt mean he's anygood(my favorite Ranger of all time was Fernando Tatis!) If he continues his struggles what is the backup plan?  With this offense Wash is dreaming if he thinks all he needs from his catchers is good D and managing of the pitchers.

Sarters:  At this point the only guy you know what your going to get from is Millwood.  Tejeda may be a rising star, but he will be up and down.  BMac, Loe, Padilla...........sheesh, I'm afraid our spring training optimism was a mirage.  Seriosly, where are the wins going to come from?

The Pen:  Still got a chance to be good.  But does Wash know how to manage them?  His leaving in of Feldman againt Chi. was unbelievable.  Wash had made change after change to get righty-righty, lefty-lefty up until that point.  Then all of a sudden he leaves Feldman in after he had already done his job to end the prior inning.  This aint hindsight.....Im sure i wasnt the only one yelling at my tele once it was apparent that Feldman had lost his control.

Management:  I cant stand the way they have handled things to this point.  Wash is a players manager and yet reneges on his promise that the best performer would get the #5 spot.  Otsuka earns the closers spot last year but is removed for a hope and a prayer?  Thats a god way to earn the respect of your players...just keep screwing your best performers out of jobs.  Is Wash managing this team or JD.  JD tied Wash's hands with Sosa by bringing in no alternatives.  That was a clear sign that Sammy was on this team from the start, and are you telling me Wash wanted to start the year with Wright.  Give me a break......that was JD's call.  I guess JD learned alot from Hart.  Tie your managers hands with roster moves and assure that your guys make the team.

Leadership:  NONE, ZERO.......biggest buch of babies Ive ever seen.  How are we ever going to survive without Dellucci or DeRosa.  Weve got big Tex and Mike Young and they want to suck of the tits of those two guys.....give me a fucking break.  These 2 guys have bitched about the failures of management at the trade deadline and whined when there buddies were jettisoned.  Now I hear Tex complaining about a lack of protection in the lineup on the radio........pussy.  Sammy's outhitting you my friend.  How about you sack up and carry this thing while the team is struggling?  It is always someone else's fault.  Tex IS this teams Roy Williams!

Solution:  Blow this thing up!  The Rangers are reminding me of the Cowboys at the tail end of the big 3.  The Rags keep telling us the time to win is now....while we still have Tex, Blalock, and Young. The Cowboys earned that opportunity, these Rangers have not.  It is time to cut our losses and retool.  Everyone is available, and I mean everyone(even Kinsler, everyones got their price).  But the moves should start with Tex.

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