List of Americans that have played in the Dominican Winter League

List of americans that have played in the Dominican Winter League...  NOT INCLUDING MEXICO, VENEZUELA, PUERTO RICO. Only Dominican Republic.  If you include those other three countries the list grow greatly.

At first I wanted to make a list of Texas Rangers only, but it is too complicated...

(This is NOT A COMPLETE LIST..and I know I am missing many more including some MLB Hall of Famers. For example Willie Mays and Roger Maris played for the "Estrellas Orientales" team here, but I cannot find a full roster year by year from that team, that same thing happen for other teams...)

I am not including all the cubans stars that have played in DR nor players from Panama, this is an all american list.

Year by year some 40 americans played in DR.  Some of them played for more than one season like Charlie Hough that played for several reason and is second in all time saves or Eric Byrnes that have come 4 times.

Alonzo Perry (played in negro league, a Homer Machine...never played in MLB)
Dave Parker
Ralph Garr
Joe Orsulak
Bill Mazeroski
Willie Stargell
Harry Williams
Cy Perkins
Leroy Matlock
Bob Griffith
Roger Maris
Willie Kirkland
Willie Mays
Cool Papa Bell
Josh Gibson (The Black Babe Ruth)
Frank Howard
Bob Robertson
Willie Smith
Jim Dwyer
Larry Parrish
Dick Davis
Jim McDaniels
Dave Cash
Ralph Bryant
Chico Walker
Cecil Cooper
Howard Johnson
Steve Garvey
Butch Hobson
Hal King (played in TEXAS)
Jim Beauchamp
Tim Wallach
Bill Butler
Greg Brock
Tim Raines
Marquis Grisom
Tim Tolman
Fred McGriff
Nelson Simmons
Kevin Mitchell
Mickey Hatcher
Mike Scioscia
Mark Parent
Tony Phillips
Glenn Davis
Mark McGwire (He came as a 3B and released a month later, was replaced by Kelly Gruber)
Kelly Gruber
Ned Yost
Distefano, Benny
Todd Zeile
Ralph Bryant
Dion James
Jeff Conine
Abbott, Kurt
Randy Velarde
Fletcher, Darrin
RJ. Reynolds
Todd Hollandswort
Gerard Williams
Eric Byrnes
Mike Cameron
Stinnett, Kelly
Daubach, Brian
Bragg, Darren
Mike Piazza (didnt played but was like a bullpen catcher a season)
Chad Tracy
Mike Napoli
Ty Wigginton
Joey Votto
Kelly Shoppach
Jason Michaels
(I did not include Alex Rodriguez because in Dominican Republic he played as he legally is here DOMINICAN)

Satchel Paige
Gaylord Perry
Charlie Hough (played in TEXAS)
Ed Roebuck
Danny Coombs
Doug Rau
Mickey Mahler
John Tudor
Steve Howe
Ken Howell
Patterson, Bob
Plunk, Eric
Rick Sutcliffe
Kent Tekulve
Ken Mackenzie
Springfield, Dennis
Charlie Hough (played many years is second in all time saves / played in TEXAS)
Juan Berenguer
Rod Beck
Darren Holmes
Sparks, Steve
Orel Hershiser (played in TEXAS)
Rick Reed
Dave Veres
Doug Bair
Jeff Fassero
Rudy Seanez
Jim Ray
Jason Simontacchi
John Wetteland (played in TEXAS)
Jered Weaver (Pitched in the 2003 Panam Gamnes)

Tom LaSorda
Del Crandall
Phil Regan
John Roseboro
Terry Francona
Buck Rodgers
Del Grandall
Terry Collins
Art Howe
Bob Geren (It´s funny a local team fired him, days later Oakland hired him)
Tony Peña (dominican MLB Manager)
Felipe Alou (dominican MLB Manager)
Luis Pujols (dominican MLB Manager)
Manny Acta (dominican MLB Manager)
Al  Widmar
Carlos Tosca

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