The legacy of Mark Cuban; notes on the speaker series, update on me...

In my SASM 201 class, we had a lesson on the one and only Mark Cuban.   We talked about the ways he has made a positive impact on the Mavericks organization.

Herzberg's Two Factor Theory of motivation

Motivation factor: This means the ways you motivate your employees to be able to move up the ranks in the organization. Also recognition for your achievement, and interest in the job.


Hygiene factor: Salary/ Working conditions.


Cuban is a prime example of both of these factors. He motivates his employees to do their best, and makes them interested in his job. 


The hygiene factor is an interesting one, because Cuban does this perfectly.  Not only does he have flat screens and gaming systems in the players lockers, but he does nice gestures to the other team.

He doesn't put out the crappy visitor towels in the visitors locker room, he gives them the nicest, softest towels out there.  He knows they will be stolen, but this gesture engraves in the back of the mind when they become a free agent.  

Will that gesture alone make them sign with Dallas?  No.  But small things do count.

My professor made a GREAT comparison to Cuban.  Daniel Snyder of the Redskins is the same type of owner who is willing to spend money and is very outspoken.  He just hasn't had the same type of success as Cuban has.

This is the part which made me mad in class.  People said that Cuban was responsible for making the Mavericks a world class organization.  I quickly got involved and asked a few simple questions.

Who traded for the draft rights For Dirk?

Who convinced Dirk to come to America?

Who traded for Nash and Finley?

Who made this Dallas offense exciting and fun to watch?

Don Nelson

And I knew AJM would be proud of me for standing up for the greatest coach of this teams history...


We had a speaker series for the Sports Management program on Friday.  This just made me even happier that I came to Ohio University.  The people that come out of this program are beyond amazing.  Not only did Jeremy Fulley( the most respected Athletic Director in the country out of Florida) and the assistant GM from the Giants, but countless people from the sport industry.

The people they chose from the speaker series were only 2-4 years removed from the program.

One of the speakers I saw was a girl who just two years removed out of the undergraduate program, she is the head of sponsorship for the Lake Eerie Monsters.  She was with the Cleveland Cavilers but switched over when Dan Gilbert bought the Monsters.  She said something very interesting.  You job should include three factors.

-Something that you can be the best in the world at.

-Something that fuels your engine.

-Something that you love doing.

The other speaker that stood out was the marketing director for National City Bank.  He was just the man involved in signing a multi million dollar dead with the Detroit Pistons for the official sponsor.  So whenever you see a pistons logo or name, it will say "presented by National City Bank".  He is doing this type of stuff at the old age of 30.  This deal happened 2 days before he spoke.


This is what I love about this school.  The professors are the best in the business.  One of the newer ones is David Ridpath, who was a assistant athletic director of Marshall when Randy Moss, Bryan Leftwhich and Chad Pennington came through.

He is now suing the school for a million dollars.  He was told to keep quiet when they were giving athletes such as Randy Moss grades for doing nothing, and he went forward.  The NCAA decides to keep quiet about what they want.


Ive been pretty busy lately, I am a team manager for the basketball team which I think is a great opportunity for me.  With Ohio not a big time program, I am able to really get involved in this program since they don't hire all these different positions.  They rely on the team managers more than other big time programs.

Listening to John Groce in practice every day is amazing.  If you don't know who that is, he was the assistant coach for Ohio State.  He was like their offensive coordinator in a way, and got credit for brining in Greg Oden and Mike Connolly. 

His offense is like the Phoenix Suns exactly.  they do drills that Steve Nash does exactly and talks in terms of their players all the time.  I think he is a genius, and won't be surprised when he is taking a big time job in the next few years.


This stuff is keeping me pretty busy lately, but I like being busy. 

Its probably good so I am not bothering everyone on this board all the time like the good old days.

But I hope everyone is doing as good as a Rangers fan could be!



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