1st annual GDT graphics awards

    Well folks it's finally over. There won't be anymore going to bed pissed off, throwing shit at the tv, crying, watching Matt Harrison cry, heavy drinking, or yelling  "Wash you are a moron!"  or any of the other lovely things that go along with being a Rangers fan least until April.  Now that your nerve endings have begun to heal we must commend those who put in the extra effort to make the GDT's a more enjoyable place to hang. IMHO I could not help but notice the fine work of the following individuals...the "graphics masters" who shocked and awed us with image brillance from game 1 on ...



Rangers 85-  He may be the  most talented in the graphics department..he wowed us with such classics as personal favorite, "Gerald with ice cream scoop", "Sick that base Kinsler" and I believe the first "Electrician walk off win pic"  The "Obama, Biden, Hillary, and Michelle in convertible"  was right up there too.


 ghtd36- Mr.Greg kept us all amused for some time with his treasure trove of deliteful animations. He won't tell you where he got them though.. he'll just mumble something about "secret sources" a la Miles and walk away.

 Baseballismyboyfriend- Baseball's girlfriend may win the award for the image that is most likely to cause projectile vomiting. Her "Gerald Laird semi semi clad"  certainly was attention grabbing.

TxStCa- That boy can throw some graphics down with the best of them. It takes a Bobcat!!

DShep- A graphics legend. His photoshop expertise  is second to none. Father Turtle has done things to turtles that would have PETA rasing an eyebrow.

Gossamer- He had some real doozies too.. including the "Am I not turtle enough" graphic.

Shroomer-He threw down some top notch stuff..was the "Gerald diving into bowl of ice cream" his?...if so that's in the running for best graphic of the year.

Inkara- Inky "captured" the first rally cat know the one that ran onto the field. Of course he had a bunch of other lovely stuff too but that one sticks out most.

Whipsmart- His graphics were quite cutting edge and as original as they come.

Rodney- Rodney came on real strong towards the end. He got so into his work that at one point he was using his images as a way of self-expression. There was chatter as to whether he had become a deaf mute. The "drama queen" was one of my personal favorites.

LSJ- Baseball Jesus threw down a lot of quatlity stuff. Some of his work has to be in the running for graphic of the year. Jonny you had soooo many images you're going to have to re-fresh our memories with your best work.

PRIZE:  Banquet chicken dinner with peas and reconstituted potatoes to be sent to the winner - parcel post. You'll have to wait\ until Kroger has a sale on them. Just scrape off the mold and nuke it for 10 minutes you'll be fine!!

These are just some of my favorite graphics/graphics posters, sorry if I missed any uber-talented posters. Well folks kindly re-fresh our memories with your images that were used through-out the season in the GDT so that we can decide which images were our favorites.


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