American Airlines has scums of passengers!

American Airlines will just allow anyone on an aircraft these days I guess.

I had to fly from Columbus to Dallas for a very important business meeting.  My company bought the plane ticket.

What's with all these young whipper snappers walking around the airport as if they own the place?  They walk around with their iPod earbuds in and yapping on their cell phones about this "Rad night" they had last night all the while not even paying attention to the fact they're blocking walkways!

Anyways, I get to the gate to board the plane and I'm boarding really early because I want to make sure I get a carry on luggage rack near myself.  Although, of course you have the people that get there late and wander around looking for a spot for their oversized luggage that they probably shouldn't have been allowed to carry on in the first place.  There was one your rich brat that stood out in particular that walked around clanking his large backpack into seats left and right looking for a spot for his huge backpack.

The punk finally goes back to his row and wouldn't you know it, he's sitting right behind me!  Now I'm going to have to put up with this brat kicking my seat all flight.  He then goes to sit down and nearly punches me in the back of the head trying to get into his seat.  That was the last straw!

I shine up my bald spot really well hoping there will be a nice glare coming off it from the open window and then lean my seat back as far as it would go.  I then stretch back nearly smacking him in the face as I stretch my arms above my head.  That'll show him I bet.

Anyways, later in the flight this loser gets up from his seat.  I nearly thought he was a hijacker how long he stood.  I then notice the cart in front of him blocking his path, but the idiot starts spouting off nonsence such as "RESPECT MY AUTHORITIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!" and other stupid things.  He then dropkicks the cart out of the way and says "I went to Highland Park and I'm better than you, get out of my way!"

That was the last straw.  Myself and a couple other passengers got up and made sure he couldn't get out of the restroom the rest of the trip due to his rudeness.  We nearly left him though.

Oh well, I just wish the young people of today had more respect for people and the companies they serve.

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