OT: Dstar Goes to College

I was sitting at my desk today during 2nd period of an average school day. And since it was an average school day, I began to ponder on something completely unrelated to the subject matter at hand. My mind wanders off to the green fields of RBIA so easily these days during school because, you see, I am a senior- a senior who has already completed all of my college applications, sent in my transcripts/SAT scores, yada yada yada. I've already been accepted to one of these fine institutions of higher learning. Because of this, a poor close-minded Bible thumping adolescent such as myself struggles to find genuine incentive in paying too much attention during a class which has no impact upon the process of me formulating my world-view.You've probably already labeled me as a haughty know-it-all type that doesn't know-it-all because of that run-on in the preceding sentence, but I want you guys to know that, in reality, far away from computer screens, I'm really just a simple, low-key, introspective, not overly talkative, Rangers loving white male, not unlike many of you guys. And that leads me to the meat of the introduction to this simple quandry I will humbly lay before the diverse peoples which make up our fair blog.

While I was sitting in this class today, my mind wandered to the heated political/religious discussion we had on this here blog a couple days ago in which it seemed my reputation took a hit among many of you guys for reasons I still see to be debatable. But anyways, I remember somebody saying I'd probably end up going "to some Bible college where I can continue to close my mind". I mean, I don't care that someone on here thinks that, but luckily for you guys, I am now going to release for you guys the colleges to which I have already applied and those which I am considering in order of current preference:

Oklahoma State University (been accepted to)

University of North Texas (applied) - and I know many fellow LSBers go there;)

University of Texas at Austin (applied)

Texas A&M University (applied)

Tulane University (applied)

Baylor University (applied)

Bryan College(the Bible college where I would close my mind)


So the question I leave you guys with is:

Which one should I look to attend? and yes I already know of UT's and A&M's elite academics.

Oh and for whoever asks:

my SAT scores: Critical Reading: 630

Math: 620

Writing: 640

as they say on MXC, "Get it On!"



















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