Fanpost Rules and Regulations

It seems that we're getting a rash of fanposts that don't lend much, if anything, to the general discourse here. Hell, this Fanpost might violate the protocol. But here are my suggestions (please add your own).

1. No former Rangers performance crap. Chris Young had 10Ks today? No one cares. And if they did, they'd already know that fact.

2. Not every trade rumor deserves it's own fanpost. That's why they're "rumors."

3. "What could we get in a trade for player X?" It's one thing to do a fanpost about some idiot writer's speculation, it's even worse to create your own.

All of this stuff can be a comment in a post. Normally, it's already there but people haven't taken the time to check. I know things are slow around here, but that isn't an excuse to fill the right side of the screen with your personal musings. This isn't to discourage fanposts, but put more thought into them. If you can't pen 75 useful words to a page, then it isn't worth it. People really do check out fanshots. When in doubt, it's either a comment or a fanshot.

I'm not trying to call anyone out (although the whole "should the Rangers build a new stadium in Dallas or FW" springs to mind). Every commenter here is a valuable part of LSB (yes everyone - especially you Sharky). But it's one thing to throw out a crap comment and quite another to clutter up the front page. Very few have the status required to bitch about airlines.

One more thing - you can delete your own fanpost. I'm pondering that right now.


After reading the comments here, I think I should clarify. I'm not trying to discourage new readers from posting fanposts. Quite the opposite. I thought we long-time LSBers could help them out on what we'd like to see. This would seem more polite than commenting "this fanpost sucks."

Nor am I talking about someone else deleting/unrecommending fanposts. What I would like is for us to police ourselves better. Not everyone can be Spur Die Nasty but if you have some tidbit, add your own views to it because that might generate more interest.

As far as OT, I'm a huge fan. There's only so much Rangers news and it's good to keep the dialogue going when things are slow. But be judicious. Put some thought not only into the fanpost but also the rationale behind it.

This may be the most active SBN MLB site which is great. But let's elevate the content as much as we can. F Jeff at Lookout Landing (pretty sure it was him/them/it).

What I've heard so far to add to the recommendation list is:

4) Don't double fanpost. If you post some news that someone else posted 30 seconds earlier, delete it (I've done this - pissed me off someone else got the scoop earlier. The only problem I have is to delete other's comments, but you live with it).

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