Rangers to seek arms at winter meetings....

Sorry guys if this was posted, but I have to address a big issue I have with this article as well as some other points of interest:

My issue right here: "The Rangers have had extended conversations with the Red Sox but have been told that Clay Buchholz is not available. The Red Sox have other pitching of interest to the Rangers -- Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden among others -- but so far the two teams have not been able to match up. That's likely because the Red Sox want Saltalamacchia or Teagarden rather than Laird."

R u fucking kidding?  Is JD really asking Boston to trade Buchz for Laird?  If so, I'm sorry, but I would be jumping on the "fire JD" bandwagon real fast.  How can you not give up a Salts or Tea for him?  That doesn't even make sense and JD really needs to trade either or for him if that's on the table.  Laird will never get a Buchz type pitcher.  He might be enough for a good bullpen arm, but definitely not a stud pitching prosepct.

"The other area of depth is the outfield. Byrd, David Murphy, Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton were all regulars at some point last year, while Brandon Boggs and Greg Golson -- recently acquired from the Phillies -- provide depth. Julio Borbon, the top outfield prospect, is close to being Major League ready."

F'N AWESOME!!!  When have we ever had quality depth in the outfield?  Well, not since the playoffs days at least.  I remember a few years back when we were all bitching about how this team had no outfield, remember.  Do you remember the Mench hidalgo, laynce Nyx outfields we used to put on the field? 

"Daniels still think there's a "good chance" the Rangers will make a move involving at least one of their catchers before the winter is over."

Good to hear Mr. Daniels because is we don't I think I will vomit.

Aw fuck: "We're OK bringing back all four guys if it comes down to that and the right deal is not out there," Daniels said." There goes the good chance.

"The biggest question is what kind of pitching the Rangers can get back in a trade. The Rangers look for both starting and relief pitching."

I think I could live with a nice bullpen arm for Laird.  Someone dependable and cheap.  I could also live with a maybe not so near to near ready prospect for the other catchers, but starting pitching not so much.  Like Adam said in the front page news, our rotation might be set.  Right now it's crowded with competition so I could live with a high upside minor league arm who might be ready in a year or two, but if we can get a stud now, then you do it.


Anyway, a lot of good spicy stuff in there so talk it up and sorry if it was posted already.


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