Rangers Ballpark from my seat

First, if you have to been a game this  year or watched on TV or listened on the radio, if somebody hasn't said "thanks"......on behalf of the Rangers, I thank you for supporting the team.

I didn't know what to title my fan post, because I wanted to talk about the ballpark's rating in the SI-CNN poll....and address some issues that simplesimon brought up.

For somebody that was involved in some design meetings, construction meetings and worked at the place that the ballpark most of you I am very disappointed in the SI ranking....I think the ballpark deserved better.  Do we have some problems and issues, yes, but the balllpark is still a great place to watch a ballgame and it is a safe place to bring your family.  Just Wednesday I heard some horror stories about some situations at other ballparks that are not very pretty.  You as fans and all of us with the Rangers are very fortunate not have the problems that a couple of other ballparks have.  I have been to most other places, most recently Anaheim and St. Louis.

Yesterday, I talked with a Kanas City tv producer who I worked with during my summer vacation to KC in '02.....he reminded that when he first came here in 1994, he thought what a great scoreboard, the best in has changed quite a bit since 1994.......we are working on some things, some that I have been proposing since 2003 that will completely change the look, feel and atmosphere in the ballpark...something that you will be proud of and will want to see.

And that is what it is all about....we want you to be proud of your team and the ballpark.....if there is some cheesy music I am playing or some stupid promos that you don't like...please let me know.....Over the years, I have tried to make myself very accessible to Rangers fans....some of the best ideas have come from people that have sent me letters, emails or called on the phone.....You may find out that there was a reason for the cheesy music, maybe a season ticket holder called in a request or a sponsor wanted something.....or maybe I was being cheesy...or on the stupid promos, might be something the sponsor wanted to do.....there are some things that I do that I don't agree fit in a ballpark or a Major League game....but if a sponsor wants us to do something, or for that matter a fan buying a ticket, I try to accomodate that request.......Just this week I put something back on the scoreboard that I had taken off because I was tryiing to make the board easier to read...I didn't think that many cared, well, they did, alot of folks wanted to see how many are left on it is back.........Please if you have a question or a suggestion, please e-mail me at or call me at 817 273-5006.....I have been doing this for a long time, sometimes I am way too involved with it and don't see something that might not be the right thing to do.....but I want you to have a good time at the ballpark.

I love baseball, the Rangers and the ballpark...the 27 rating didn't sit well with me, but from where  I sit, we have a very tough ballpark to entertain is big, our scoreboards are not in the best places for viewing and our replay board is way too I disagree with the rating, but I know changes need to be made to make it a better place for you to watch a game.

Again, thanks for being Rangers fans, I really appreciate it....Those of you that know me, know that I really mean that.

Chuck Morgan


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