OT: I'm pissed

Yeah, so I'm at summer school.  Drove three days to get here, stopping at Bedford, Arkansas and Lexington, Kentucky overnight to get here.

I drove through Kige Ramsey's hometown Bowling Green, Kentucky, went around his college of Western Kensucky university and looked at the town. I wish I knew where he lived so I could drop in and say yoyoyo.

So, we had to drive through all these hickish towns to get to the place, which pissed me off.

But I basically got dropped off in a secluded town 4 states away from my hometown to a place I know nothing about, and have no idea where anything is.  But it was like a wakeup call to me, I have been secluded in "the bubble" my entire life, this is a entirely different setting... Like a 180, not a 360 you idiot Jason Kidd.

So of course all I care about is the babes.  And let me tell you, these girls are not nearly as hot as the chicks from Texas.  And let me tell you, I am pissed.

So I am walking around the dorm doing hell knows what and this group of girls won't leave me the F alone.  And right now you are probably saying, why wouldn't you want girls following you around?  Well they weren't hot, ok?  I can't get away from them, they follow every step of the way.  After like an hour and a half, I go to my dorm room, and guess who follows me?

Point is I could have had them if I wanted.  But I DO NOT lower my standards.  Do they know who I am?  Do they know my status?  Thats what I thought.

About 30 percent of the people in summer school are Asian. 

So I see these two hottie Chinese girls sitting in the lobby( I am usually not attracted to Asians), so I go over and say what up.......  They start talking Chinese to each other, and I'm just about ready to punch a hole in a wall.

Classes haven't even started yet, I can't find the hot chicks and its pissing me off.   I knew girls in Texas were hotter than other girls in the US, but not by this much margin.

What is pissing me off a lot as well, is there is nothing to do right now.  Every thing is closed right now.  Recreation center, stores and everything.  Don't think I'm going to the library.

Hopefully everything picks up when the classes start, because I am pissed!

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