Why I want to give Jon Daniels a big, sloppy...

HUG - no dirty thoughts, guys.

I woke up this morning. The sun was shining through the blinds in my fair bedroom, I believe there was a bird singing outside, or I may just be making that up to make this poop sound better.  Well all this is neither here nor there, let's get to the point; I was happy. Why was I happy? Because as I woke up, I tilted my head slightly, just slightly, to the left and saw my calender on which I record each and every Rangers score throughout the season. Yesterday's game was marked with a W, and it made me smile. I then realized it was the All-Star break, a three to four day hiadus during which Rangers fans typically drown their sorrows because they have nothing better to do but ponder another lost season, with nothing to celebrate but Michael Young's semi-beastliness.

Now, I know what you're thinking at this point, "oh great, another Josh Hamilton tribute thread"  just because I said semi-beastliness, hinting at Josh's true beastliness. But this is not the case, children of the universe, what I was going to say was that as I looked at that W for Sunday, July 13, 2008, I realized our record was 50-46 at the All-Star break, but the key is, 50-46 in a REBUILDING SEASON. It has essentially been proclaimed such by my man JD. But I digress; we have the worst team ERA in baseball. Normally, this would force me into my traditional (but not current, as you will see later) state of hopeless optimism. However, this season, this beautiful-as-breasts season, things are different, and I'm not being a hopeless optimist in saying that. I had the pleasure of looking at the Community Prospect Rankings, the plethora of young starting pitching is ridiculous. One particular comment summed it up, but I can't find it right now. The general idea was saying that Kasey Kiker could be #10 or 11 of the Rangers minor league pitchers and that they are all have bonified Major League expectations.

Our offense is the best in baseball, and by all accounts, this should continue as the seasons roll on. The starting pitching will come, and keep coming, and keep coming with no signs of stopping. I realize I'm beginning to preach to the choir and I'm not really going anywhere.

I watched Josh Hamilton's personally pwn Yankee Stadium tonight and celebrate with Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, and Milton Bradley, who were looking on like little boys throughout the display. This just reinforced the preceding thoughts. As I was sitting there, right there, I tilted my head slightly, just slightly, to the right, and saw a poster of Ian Kinsler... this got me super excited, and I started doing things.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, Texas Rangers fans stand up!!!!!!!!!! It is finally a good day to be a Rangers fan, and WILL be for at least the next 5 years.

Look at our Top 30 prospects, they're all potential players in the scheme, and they're the best group of prospects in baseball, and the main point: they're playing under a team that is already 50-46 during a rebuilding season.

Martin Perez, Engel Beltre: those two are not going to be in our Top 15 possibly. Look at their age and box scores from last night. Does it make you happy or what?

I speak for most of LSB in saying thank you, Jon Daniels, I love you.




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