10 trades in ten days- final recap

Well, my time at the Yankees game on Weds. was jaw dropping.  they beat the O's en route to a 13 to 2 win.  I'll tell ya what, for being a day game at 1 o'clock, I was very suprised to see so many people turn out to see a game.  In one word, WoW!  If anybody ever gets the chance to see a game there this year I highly recommend it, even if you aren't a fan of the stupid Yanks.  Amazing time I had, but on to the results.

Its amazing that when I proposed a trade it either was majority no, or majority yes.  Nothing really in the middle.  You know its hard to actually make both teams happy with a trade, thus making it difficult to find trading partners.  Especially ones that are contenders.  We didn't match up with every team.  So during our activity me as GM, along with lonestarballers across the nation, completed 3 out of 10 trades.  I think that's actually pretty damn good.  We get slight salary relief but nothing major. 

We aquired Alan Horne, Austin Jackson, Donald Veal, and Homer Bailey.  We traded away Padzilla, Cruz, Eddie"G Money", The ByrdMan, and Lard.  A decent package of pitchers and out of the four players acquired I think the outfielder Jackson becomes the biggest star out of the bunch.  However, Veal and Bailey should rebound on whats been a mildly dissapointing season where they have seemed to loose what they once had.  I think Horne becomes a solid #3 pitcher, even on a contending team.

So for 2009, I believe Horne gets a shot in Sring Training to oh and ah people, but ultimately starts the year in AAA.  Same goes for Jackson, although I think he gets sent back to AA until there is a spot for him in AAA, because I'd imagine Borbon would be there.  Veal and Bailey get a deep look in Spring training and I think both guys make the team with one going to long relief with Mr. Rupe.  If I had to take an educated guess I'd say it would be Veal.  Of course, all our players will struggle some, but I think this turns out to be a very special SP unit.

Our SP contains the oft-injured Millwodd anchoring a rotation with ? marks.  It would be nice to see BMac rebound so huge that he nails down the #2 slot, which to me isn't all that far away.  Hurley slides in behind him, followed by Mr. Harrison, and Homer"Duh"Bailey.  Of course you have Feldman, Veal, Hunter, and Neftali all waiting in the wings.  Ultimately, I believe, this is how your 25 man roster and position battles turn out come the start of 2009:







RP(closer will be by committee next year, due to CJ being the only lefty in the pen and him being needed for more than just the 9th inning-take a guess on who comes out on top, Im guessing Fx2)

CJ Wilson

Frank Francisco

Warner Madrigal





Your outfield looks like this:

"The Murph"/Boggs tandem



Your infield stays intact except for the Catcher spot:






Your bench is as follows:




Bold Predictions for the 08 offseason and 09 season:

I think we keep it fairly quite in the offseason and do all are promoting within.

Bradley signs a 2 year extention this offseason. 

You know MaxRam's bat will force him into the lineup either at DH, 1st, or catcher. 

Bradley wont be playing everyday in RF so you basically will see the outfield the same way as you do now, except hammy gets more reps in RF preparing himself for the switch in 2 years for Borbon or Jackson, whoever comes first.

The SP hold up and your #2-5 starters remain on the field without hitting the DL(Of course we'll have the occasional spot starts to give these kids some rest, and of course a blister or what not that causes them to miss a start here and there).

Millwood gets traded and brings a bigger return then Pads did the year before.

"The Murph"/Boggs Tandem replaces Kins at the top of the order, followed by Young, Hammy, Davis. Kinsler becomes your much needed #5 bat.  Bradley slides into the sixth spot.  Followed by MaxRam, Blalock, and Tea.

Our bullpen is making news by being the best in baseball. 

Our offense scores more runs than opponents score on us. 

Guys that see promotions to the bigs are as follows: Diamond, Arias, Mayberry and Feliz.  Please don't ask me how they fit into the 25 man roster that I put into place because honestly so much could happen by then making it nessesary for them to be put on the 25 man(Injury, trades, etc.).

So there you go, your new 25 man.  Hope you guys enjoyed our activity and be ready because I plan to do the same come Winter Meetings.  Any ideas and or suggestions are welcomed.




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