Joaquin Arias' egomania as big as my beastliness

Who does this guy think he is?

First of all, he owes his soul to this organization for sticking with him through his complete shit play and his injuries. 

"I don't know what happened last year," Arias said. "I want to forget about last year."

You don't know what happened last year?  Lets start with you measly body getting injured like it always does.

I'm reading this DMN article about this guy and it is making me sick. 

"It's my passion to play shortstop," Arias said. "But I'll play anywhere."

Ok, do I also need to remind him how many errors he had at shortstop?  Yeah, like 6 high fives worth.  IN AA.

"Maybe one day I'll play every day with another team," Arias said.

Oh, its nice to know you are so dedicated to this organization that you are already thinking about where you are going to play next.

Ive never liked this kid, he thinks he is so cool because he was part of the A-Rod deal.  Know what?  Well I have news, you are a nobody Arias, A nobody.



Alright, you know how my wallet and stuff got lost?  I called them and told them to send me a new card which they did.  They gave me a new pin and so I went to the ATM and the pin didn't work.  I stood there doing it like 20 times getting more and more angry.  Then I was doing it again, and the damn machine ATE the card and said that the bank requested that it take it.  I get pissed.

So I started a chase account here, which is good because I was getting annoyed paying 6 dollars every time I use an ATM machine here(no Bank of America's here)

The people at chase are pretty slimy, all hidden fee's and shit.  I avoided all this stuff, but banks are slimy people.

Walmart pisses me off.  They think they are so slick with their 6 dollars an hour salary, they think they have power.  I went with a few people at 4:30 in the morning and want to ride the electric wheelchairs or whatever.  So we start riding them and they start yelling to stop.  I'm like no, I'm going like 1 mile per hour I think you can walk over here.  They come over and tell me to get off.  I say no, I am a paying customer and we are the only people in the store so its not that big of a deal. 

Then the other night, I go with different people and I start throwing balls around.  My friend throws one at one of the signs that hangs from the ceiling over the frozen food section and the sign falls.  I see this guy with a few people cracking up, and I'm like "hey that guy looks familiar".  My ex is like "thats our sociology professor".  I start cracking up, our professor is 24 years old and looks like your typical frat guy.  Its just funny because I didn't recognize who he was at first.  Well anyway, I go up to the front of the store and get confronted by these walmart employees.  They are like "hand over you alls balls".  I was like "no, I'm buying this".  Long story short, they got pissed.  They know I hide balls all over the store whenever I go which is like everyday.  Those people hate me there, I don't care though. 

Who are they?

Who be me?

Thats what I thought.



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