The Rangers current look....

With all the injuries, the wild card chase gone, and the influx of newbie Rangers, there is a lot happening right now. How much will clear up the picture for 2009 and beyond? How much of it muddies the water and forces JD's hands to make trades?


Arias has hit well and fielded better. IMO he has regained his prospect status. Has he regained his status in your eyes? Where does he fit in the 2009 and long term plans? Personally, I like Arias as a speedy utility guy with plus plus defense up the middle. He could provide enough time for Andrus to get fully ready in 2010 or even 2011.


His move to 3rd bothers me, but he has looked good there so far. Does he stay at third, move back to first, become trade bait for a pitcher, or something else? How does Davis and Smoak work out in the future? I don't think they both exist on the same team, but I've been wrong before.


What happens with Cruz only time will tell. If he continues to hit, he has to get a place in LF in 2009. A guy with plus plus defense, plus speed, and monster power is a huge asset. Murphy and Boggs would then be the 4th and 5th outfielders. This assumes Byrd is in CF. More on that enxt.


I'll be honest. I've never given Byrd much respect. I have always thought of him as a below average player who hit a longer than most hot streak. But after two years of watching him play for my beloved Rangers, I have to draw my conclusion based off facts. Byrd has improved every stat in 2008. He doesn't strike out, takes walks, has gap power, runs well, plays and plus defense in CF. His 2009 OPS is hovering at .850. He is our 2009 starting CF. Maybe he gets flipped at the deadline next year to make room for Bourbon. Maybe its not until 2010. Either way, I like me some Byrd.


JD please....only move one at a time. I am only partial to Teagarden.


I am ready to offer him arb, and tahave Max ready to step in the DH spot. I also really like how we are drafting, so thoseke the draft picks. We  picks could be very valuable.


Let him go. Jeff Bagwell reincarnated.

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