OT: NBA going down the drain fast...

Not only is the NBA getting a hit from the donaghy scandal, but now there is worry about keeping their stars in the U.S.A.

Carlos Delfino, Bostjan Nachbar, Carlos Arroyo, Jorge Garbajosa, Earl Boykins and Juan Carlos Navarro

What do all of these players have in common?  They left the NBA to play overseas for more money.  Why is this?  there is no cap where they are playing.  Some of these owners overseas are  some of the richest people in the world. 

They are willing to drop 40 or 50 million a year on players such as Lebron and Kobe.  Would Kobe and Lebron consider that?  Definite yes.

When Kobe was asked if he would go overseas for the right amount of money, he responded "You can't turn down $40 million (a year), I don't care who you are," Bryant said. "If someone turns down 40, I'm beating them up."

Lebron was also all ears when asked if he would go elsewhere in 2010, as he said "I haven’t been offered that, I haven’t talked to anybody," James said. "It’s just rumors?" When I asked him if he liked hearing them, he smiled and said: "I like hearing good rumors, not bad rumors. That’s a good rumor."

D Wade was also asked the same question when he responded "They throw 30, 40, 50 million a year at me? I can't turn that down," said Heat star Dwyane Wade, a free agent in 2010.

The thing is that overseas owners are willing to pay the dollars to get world class superstars on their teams, these owners are some of the most powerful men in the world.  How can Kobe or Lebron turn down 50 million a year when the most they can be offered in the NBA is 20 million?

So is this the end of the worldly status of the NBA?  The power is already switching, can Euro basketball get bigger?  The fan base is there, and it can only get bigger if they bring in American superstars. 

Former Mav Pops Mensu Botsu is a fan favorite as they chant his name every game and treat him like a god. 

How would Kobe Bryant or Lebron James be treated?


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