OT: Your All-Time Favorite Stand-Up

I was looking through some threads and I noticed than rentz has a signature quoting the late great stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg and thought that with the world in peril right now, what with Hurricane Ike, the bail out of AIG, and Jamey Wright, that stand-up comedy might serve as a good distraction.

Then as I started looking through more threads, my opinion was strengthened when I saw that Brian Thomas has a picture of the late Rodney Dangerfield as his profile image, RCCook has the cover of the late Bill Hicks’s Arizona Bay Album, and thedirkatron has uploaded what’s obviously a 15-year-old mug shot of Carrot Top.

So, here’s my pitch for LSB immortality: Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian of All-Time? And unless you’re a big Dane Cook fan, feel free to leave any links you can find for them that you'd like to the board to see.

Although Bill Hicks (hard to believe he was so prolific in his much-too-short 32 years on this earth), Woody Allen and Rodney Dangerfield are among my favorites, I thought I’d lead it off with an obscure comedian in the form of the late Drake Sather. Sather definitely wasn’t a household name as a stand-up, but you might be more familiar with some of his writing. He wrote for “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Naked Truth,” “The Dennis Miller Show” (Not the same as “Dennis Miller Live”), and co-wrote (along with Ben Stiller and John Hamburg) the cult comedy classic “Zoolander.”

 I remember watching Sather on television as part of “The 13th Annual Young Comedians Special” and thought he was brilliant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he appeared that many more times on screen; besides a couple of appearances on Newsradio as a lawyer of Mr. James’s (Stephen Root), it looks like the only other times he could be seen on TV was a few episodes of Late Night With David Letterman in the late 1980s.

But on the bright side, somebody uploaded some of Sather’s work on YouTube. And if you take a look at it, tell me whether you think, the big hair aside, that he looks a whole lot like Michael Young (okay, maybe just a little):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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