State of the Rangers

Good afternoon/evening to my loyal readers and fans on LSB!


As another bad Rangers season draws to a close I thought that maybe I would throw out a few suggestions to improving this franchise.  Feel free to add any suggestions that you have.  Sure some of you will completly over look this post and "run your mouths" but that's what you get when you're Ahmad.  Anywho here we go...


I suggest the following be done in the next 1-3 years with the Rangers

Move Hamilton to RF and have Bourbon in CF and Cruz in LF.  Move Young to 3rd and Davis back to 1st.  Bring up Andrus to play SS and keep Kinsler at 2nd for now at least.  Have Teagarden as your C and have Salty backing him up.  Put MaxRam as your everyday DH and 3rd Catcher.

Release, trade, or do not resign the following:








Fire Ron Washington and Hire Mike Hargrove.


Let the following be your starters and take thier lumps:






Let Feldman become your long man out of the pen and have CJ become the set up man.  Frankie stays on as the closer.

Pick up Blalock's opition this year and then trade him at the trading deadline in July of 2009 for w/e you can get for him.  By then I believe his value as a strong hitter and average 1B would be able to bring you something in return.

Remodel the RBIA.  I would like the walls in the outfield to be more like the style of walls they have in Cleveland, Philly, or Baltimore.  Bring in a new scoreboard kind of like the one the Royals now have.  Let the Infield and outfield grass grow a little longer to slow down ground balls.  (I have heard many out of town announcers talk about how short the grass is here and how that effects the speed of the ball)

Change up the Uni's.  I don't care, red or blue..something needs to be done and they need to have "less boring" jersey's.  Their current looks is one of the ugliest and dullest  in Major League Baseball.

Rant on bitchesssssssssssssss


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