Major NCAA football schools exposed in NY Times a few weeks ago (UT, OU, LSU, USC)


This is a MUST READ article by the New York Times about the best defensive player in texas high school, and his trail of being recruited by big time programs. He talks about the schemes they play and some of the dirt that these programs don't want you to know....


""""""Along the way, McFarland was wined and dined. He visited the house of the president of Oklahoma, where he was promised a spot in the prestigious President’s Leadership Class. He rode in a Hummer stretch limousine in Los Angeles. He attended parties, including one in Dallas, where he said there was free alcohol, drugs and young women taking off their clothes."""""


""""He said he saw everything from flat-screen televisions in Texas Coach Mack Brown’s bathrooms to L.S.U.’s recruiting hostesses sitting on the laps of prospects.""""


""“I will never forget the excitement amongst all participants,” McFarland wrote. Alcohol was all you can drink, money was not an option. Girls were acting wild by taking off their tops, and pulling down their pants. Girls were also romancing each other. Some guys loved every minute of the freakiness some girls demonstrated. I have never attended a party of this magnitude.”""""


"""""Of the four universities, L.S.U. made the worst impression. After the Tigers lost to Georgia, 52-38, on Oct. 25, McFarland, his mother and his grandmother attended a catered meal at the home of Tigers Coach Les Miles.

“He was very dry,” Adams said of Miles.

Adams was further turned off by L.S.U., she said, when she saw hostesses sitting on the laps of recruits."""""


"""During the trip, Adams said, she asked Brown about the Obama slur, and was told that the player had to be dismissed because the F.B.I. had become involved.""""



After Texas beat Baylor that weekend, McFarland and his mother ate dinner at Brown’s home. Flat-screen televisions were in every room, and there were two outside.

“Whose house do you like better, Bob Stoops’s, Les Miles’s or mine?” Adams recalled Brown saying.""""""""


""""Yet he worried what an Oklahoma degree would mean for landing a job in Texas. He also thought that the Longhorns offered him the best education and that Austin had the most entertainment.""""


"""""Will Muschamp, the team’s defensive coordinator and designated head coach-in-waiting, called until Adams finally talked to him at her son’s request. He tried to patch things up about the earlier phone call in which she was told she could not talk to Brown. He also explained that Texas had probably sent more letters and e-mail messages to her than to any other recruit’s parent.

“He was acting like he was doing me a favor,” Adams said. “You’re recruiting my son. I feel sorry for them if they’re saying they haven’t had that much interaction with any other recruit’s family. I feel sorry for those families. I really do.”""""""


""""While at McFarland’s house, Stoops offered to set the table for dinner and helped carry in ribs and potato salad. After a second serving of ribs and some peach cobbler, he sat on the couch with McFarland and his grandmother and watched the movie “Beauty Shop,” starring Queen Latifah and Alicia Silverstone.""""""


""""Allegations from the report upset her because she said she had received numerous offers of gifts in exchange for her son to attend Texas. She said she did not believe that Brown or anyone officially with Texas was involved or had any knowledge of the enticements.""""


""""Earlier this month, a former classmate called Adams and asked if she would coax her son into attending Texas. If so, a banker had promised the former classmate any type of loan.""""



The article makes Oklahoma look pretty good overall and UT, LSU, and USC pretty shady. 

Makes Mack Brown look like a complete jackass, with details about the TV's in bathrooms and bad mouthing other big 12 coaches.

LSU looks terrible, using "hostesses" to persuade the recruits.

And USC wining and dining him with luxury to persuade him.

But anyway, very interesting read into life in recruiting





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