The LSB Organization

That's right LSBers. Not just the 25 man roster. Not even the 40 man roster. But the whole damn organization. You see, there are many here at LSB that make our baseball lives very enjoyable. So I thought I'd give it a whirl and see what happened. Besides, it's the off-season now, and there are going to be a lot of decisions that this team is going to have to make. Let's start with those who will be making those decisions. Shall we...


Owner : AJM - Did you expect anyone else?

Team President : benmor78 - Who the hell does this guy know to get this gig?

GM : oc - The young GM who rubs some fans the wrong way.

Asst. to the GM : Brett Perryman - Z used to play a much bigger role in the organization, but he's now onto other things.

Manager : t ball - He decides who plays by who tells the best "dad" jokes.

Pitching Coach : NoNameOnCard (Trip Somers) - Pretty obvious choice here.

Hitting Coach : SpurDynasty (David Brown) - Just go up there hacking, he doesn't give a shit about walks.

Bench Coach : Ed Coffin - The elder statesman who keeps t ball in line.

1st Base Coach : Jason Parks - I think he has his eye on the Halos Heaven job.

3rd Base Coach  : Joey Matschulat - Would like a bigger role in the organization.

Bullpen Coach : MJH - most have forgotten he's still part of the staff.

Minor League Instructor : shroomer - No explanation needed.


The 25 man roster...

SP : DSheppard - Ace of the staff. Throws a wicked GIF.

SP : Brian Thomas - Just needs to stay healthy. Pulled an ass muscle earlier in the season.

SP : GhostofEricThompson - Some think this will be his last year. He's looking for a big FA contract.

SP : DJCahill - He thinks you should just shut the hell up.

SP : baseballismyboyfriend - Still young. Needs to work on the offspeed stuff.

RP : Rodney - Easily able to pitch/post everyday.

RP : boomer1 - See Rodney.

RP : lonestarJon - Every Post Jonny.

RP : Kinsler Homer - Power arm in the 'pen.

RP : RangerMad - The lefty.

RP : JBImaknee - The long man?

Closer : brett gardner - I think he has found his role on the team.

1B : tricer - Needs to work on his plate discipline.

2B : clark - Mentioned in a lot of trade rumors. Team looking to dump his salary.

3B : bigsteve - Just doesn't have the range to play SS anymore.

SS : philkid3 - Needs to step up offensively. Solid glove though.

C : NothinG - Strong arm. Weak bat.

RF : Dirk Diggler - What can I say. He has a Metallica avatar, he had to be on the team.

LF : rentz - Shitty arm, but a ton of speed. t ball isn't comfortable with him in CF yet.

CF : ghtd36 - Stop running into walls jackass. This team needs your bat in the lineup.

DH : RCCook - He carries a big bat.

Bench : Josey Wales - His body is rejecting the fact that he's an everyday player in The Show.

Bench : WyoRanger - Should be getting more playing time.

Bench : Chase Irwin - The 4th OFer.

Bench : FuturePants - Personal catcher for bbimbf. Not sure what she sees in him.


The rest of the 40...









lisa w





Big Guns



Still need some work in  OKC...


PM productions











Black Francis


This years FA's (posters missing in action)...

thedirkatron - Last seen punting.

FirebatM3 - He doesn't like you.

Athos - Thinks he can get more $ elsewhere.

Sharky - Anyone want to talk about offensive coordinators?

ab03 - Wants to play for a contender.

miles - Still needs much more schooling.

hurlerhurley - Off to the clinic.


It's impossible to do a list like this and not forget someone. So if I did, so what? This shit isn't suppose to be serious anyway. Just thought I'd have a little fun. Figured I'd steal the idea of a few others and expand on it a little. Besides, it's not like we have the playoffs to look forward to right now anyway. Little Boy oc better get this damn thing right in 2010. Finishing second isn't good enough anymore.

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