Frankie Piliere scouting for fans now


I typically just read and RARELY throw in any thoughts...Just haven't seen this on the site and wanted to throw it out there.

Former Ranger's Pro Scout Frankie Piliere is now "scouting for the fans."  He's set up at as well as twitter and plans to do everything he did for pro teams, but instead of report to them...he wants to report to the fans. He did a great Q/A session with fans the other day that's still up on his site(under subtitle-Free Agency Nears) .  Gave a ton of love for Ranger prospects.  (first one is here because of the debate on whether or not to sign Vlad.  but the final two answers are my favorite!!!)  Check out his stuff..follow him on twitter (he's the only reason I check twitter).

[Comment From Rick WeisbergRick Weisberg: ]  Does it make sense for the Angels to retain Guerrero at his age and with his injuries?
Frankie Piliere:  If they can get him for just one year then yes, absolutely.   I really think he's got a lot left in the tank offensively
[Comment From TylerTyler: ]  matt harrison showed signes of greatness in a few starts? can he be a sub 4.00 SP within 2 years?
Frankie Piliere:  Yes he can.   He can be a very solid guy, just a little inconsistent right now
[Comment From GuestGuest: ]  Is Derek Holland a top of the rotation guy? if so how soon?
Frankie Piliere:  I think he has that type of stuff, but i think he'll be learning on the job for a couple years
[Comment From ReillyReilly: ]  How fast will Perez move in the Texas system?
Wednesday November 18, 2009 4:46 Reilly
Frankie Piliere: 

As fast as they are willing to allow.   I think his talent could move him very quick!


[Comment From ReillyReilly: ]  What is the Martin Perez scouting report?

Frankie Piliere:  He's very, very, very good.   Ok, I can do better than that.   Sits around 93-95 and can spot his secondary pitches.   Sharp breaking ball. Best thing about him, though, is his demeanor.   He's got a quiet presence that's hard to teach.   He attacks hitters with no fear


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