The "Im so sick of Josey taking over every thread"  thread!

Yeah I realize this might get taken down but if I were AJM and Ben I'd leave it up.  Ever since joining I have seen this same act of crap before.  LBrooks, Sharky, H.H., and the guys that already are banned.  Anyway, I am having a difficult time biting my tongue every time I read LSB.  It has become a Josey Whales blog.  If you don't believe me look at every thread on this site.  Every one get hijacked by this douche  and what makes it sad is everyone buys into his shtick.  I am personally done with it and I think if the "Authorities" around here won't do anything then maybe the people should.

Hey Ab03, I believe, can we get an updated version of the troll list to just banish him.  I think everyone would love that grease monkey app again if they don't have it already.  I personally didn't have a need for it, but now I do.  I wouldn't call myself perfect and I've made a lot of mistakes on this blog before, but I have changed.  This is something Josey will never do. 

God it pisses me off.  I can't even read a post about Nolan and JD having different personalities, supposedly, without Josey ruining the whole thread.  It turns away from the points that matter and go into stuff like this:

I'd love to see JD eventually become successful

but he has a pretty solid track record of incompetence when it comes to making moves that will help the major league club win and it’s difficult to imagine that changing all of the sudden.

Or this :

You don't understand, Gossip Queen.

I’ve been dead-on with so many other opinions / predictions on the Rangers that I’m not worried about missing on Tiny E.


And those aren't even the worst.  So time for a poll.  Time for Josey to go bye bye with a grease monkey app, or time to go bye bye via administration. 

One last word,  LSB is becoming less fun and educating for me with a guy like Josey around.  It's time he goes.


Update:  Here is a refresher on the troll script thanks to AB03

and the script here:  Ab03 updated it so it no longer shows the troll post or any replies after it.



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