Derek Holland, SMU, Dallas athlete of the Decade?

Derek Holland grew up close to where I go to school which I didn't even realize...

That is until a few months ago I was at some backyard mermaid party with my roommates drunk friend that was going around calling every girl he saw bitch.  But anyway, I saw this guy with a Texas Rangers hat.  And so I went over and asked him why the fuck he had a Rangers hat on.  Apparently, that guy and a group of the guys with him went to high school with Derek which I thought was interesting especially when I was drunk.  But anyway, it was interesting to hear about Derek from people who really know him and grew up with him.  It was interesting to hear that he wasn't even highly touted in high school, being a number 3 starter.  But it was interesting to hear he made a 180 with a pitching coach in college.  Its interesting how much of a difference an instructor can make with a player.

Moral of the story was that the guy that I was talking to was a weirdo and he wouldn't stop talking to me and telling me his life story...


Congrats to SMU on the great bowl win, this is a huge push for that program that has the makings to be a top 25 team year in and year out...

Its interesting that the 1980's scandal had that much of an impact on that program, and pretty much messing up that program for 25 years...


Its actually pretty interesting how rigged NCAA football really is still these days.  It shouldn't be a surprise about the USC running back getting caught with a Range Rover.  This is way to common these days, athletes and cars.  I know for a fact a dealership in Austin gets away with giving away cars to players because the players "work" for the dealership.

And I have had 1st hand seeing to consiracy.  When I went to the University of Tennessee to watch a game I remember walking uptown about an hour after the game and I was on an end of a street and just starring at this brand new Cadillac Escalade and glance up and see a few football players in it...  And the Lane Kiffin rebuilding era continues...


I actually have been thinking about who the best Dallas athlete of the deacde has been for months.  And its not that hard at all to know who that is....

Hands down its Dirk, and by the time he finishes playing I have no doubt he will be the bet DFW player ever to play.  I know I do but I think we all take him for granted...  Not only is he a great guy, but the guy has enough will to fill an entire roster...  We do not know how great of a player we have, and they always say you never appreciate something until its gone. 

I can honestly say Dirk is the most down to earth sports star that I have ever known of.  This is a guy that has more class than any athlete I have ever seen.  I think we can all learn one or two things from his statute...

More than anything I want more in sports, I want Dirk to win one.  Because if anyone deserves it, he does..


The Rangers havn't really had a "that guy" this decade.  You could say Michael Young but his leadership is dismal and he really hasn't been a chemistry guy..



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