Top Plays/Highlights: 2009 Edition, #2

After two sets of voting, the #1 play/highlight from 2009, according to Lone Star Ball, is Elvis Robs Johjima.  This won by 1 vote, garnering 28% of the total votes cast... Because we did two rounds of voting, I think we will let this stand.

From now on, we will do one round of voting for each spot, with the top vote getter winning each round...


The following candidates were put forward by community members in this fanpost, and are listed here, linked to the top play(if it exists)…

Feliz Debut(Aug 3rd, 2009)
Holland 2 Hit Shutout Vs. Angels(Aug 9th, 2009)

Hamilton's Catch Against The Wall Vs. Angels(May 17th, 2009)

Andruw Jones 3 Homer Night(July 8th, 2009)

Chris Davis Walk Off Home Run(May 14th, 2009)

Elvis Robs Gutierrez(May 13th, 2009)

Elvis Executes the Suicide Squeeze(September 27th, 2009)
Cruz Monster Shot Off King Feliz(August 1st, 2009)

Davis With The Behind The Back Toss(August 28th, 2009)

Buckholz Out At Home(August 14th, 2009)

Murphy’s Catch Up Against the LF Wall(April 14th, 2009)
Michael Young Walk Off Vs. KC(April 20th, 2009)

Kinsler’s Cycle and 6 Hit Night(April 16th, 2009)
Rangers Get Triple Play(March 20th, 2009)

Blalock Ends It With Walk Off Vs. Angels(July 1st, 2009)

Francisco Nails Down Save Vs. Bo-Sox(August 16th, 2009)

Kid Catches Two Consecutive Foul Balls(August 16th, 2009)

Andrus Stop and Davis Stretch(May 3rd, 2009)

Andrus With The Heater From the Hole(May 6th, 2009)

Matt Harrison’s Complete Game Effort(May 8th, 2009)

Andrus Rob’s Beltre With Dive(May 12th, 2009)

Matt Harrisons Second Complete Game(May 14th, 2009)

Hamilton Guns Down Kendrick(May 15th, 2009)

Hollands Gem Against Seattle(July 31st, 2009)

Andrus Spin-N-Throw(July 27th, 2009)

Andrus Game Ending DP at NY(August 25th, 2009)

Pudge Rodriguez First AB Back With The Rangers(August 19th, 2009)

Welcome to the Rangers, Mrs. Richardson(August 17th, 2009)

Rangers Steal 8 Bases on Boston(August 15th, 2009)

Byrd’s Seven Hit Effort(September 9th, 2009)

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