Lebron needs to be slapped across the face with my 2 by 4 with 10 inch nails in it...

So I went to the Cavs game to watch them play the Mavericks, not a good idea...  I was in a perfectly good mood until I watched Lebron act like a little cry baby for 3 hours.  You know what?  I could be in the NBA if I was aloud to stop my dribble a step behind the 3 point line and carry the ball for the layup.  And I bet even a few of you could, maybe even Dirkatron.

But seriously, these Cleveland fans are ridicules.  I guess I was pissing this guy off in from of me by clapping in his ear every time the Mavericks scored.  He had an Ohio State hat, so obviously he was a Dousche canoe...  Well he kept on getting pissed off at me and finnally he turned around one time and said "Jason Kidd is a fag", right when he said that Jason Kidd nailed a 3...  Who got that last laugh?


Know what I hate more than Lebron and the Cavs?  The city of Cincinatti.  Can you think of a bigger dump than that city?  Becasue there isn't one...  They have a few sources but thats about it..  But every single person that lives in Cincy is a slimy cheapscate trying to rip you off.  They are the type of people that don't tip at restraunts and don't say please or thank you.  I was about to punch a hole through my concrete wall today when Cincy came back against Pitt...


Speaking of cry babies, how much of a joke is Tim TREbow?  He's such a peice of trash.  Him and his slut nugget girlfriends are jokes.  He's one of those rich kids thats a saint when things are going good but when he doesn't get his way he crys and kicks things until he gets his way.  Hey, TREbow, have fun playing Cincy in the sugar bowl ;)


Speaking of college football, lets talk about the BCS "should there be a playoff system?"  Hell to the no!  I heard a VERY good comparison when I was in Tennessee watching the University of Tennessee football players drive around in their new escalades.  But thats a differn't story..

Well anywhoser, the comparison was a little about like the playoff being like a socialistic thing.  No wonder Obama wants it eh?  Haaaa ya well thats a differn't story..

Well I'll tell you why...  So you can't handle where your ranking is so the underdog who isn't that good should be able to try to hang with the big dogs?  Those small schools should have the chance just to get owned by the Florida's and Texas'?

I mean common, there isn't a true way to find a national champion unless you played EVERY single team in the nation, which is a crazy thing to think about but it is the truth...  The bowl system is good enough, strength of schedule should be the determining factor..  Look at the TCU and Boise State's of the world.  They made their programs legit by hard work and now their on the national stage. TCU looks to play in the National Championship if Texas loses...

The point is stop trying to take the easy meal tickets way out and actually work for where you get.  Example?  Cincy..  If you go undefeted next year and beat Oklahoma then you deserve the national stage.  Work for what you get period.  Isn't that what this country founded on?

What about this Notre Dame thing?  Its funny that anyone even cares..  Oh so they were good like 30 years ago?  Its cool that they have all the money in the world to throw around?  Thats cool I guess, but your program is pretty much dead and way overhyped by ESPN.  Thats about all you have going for you...  And great move by the Athletic Director deciding not to play in the bowl game..  Sounds like a buch of whiny ass rich people that only play in the good bowl games.  Shouldn't the players want to play and try to win a bowl game?  I guess there commitment should be reevaluated.  And Weis, nice.  They fire you with 5 years left on your contract, have fun with that extra 18 million dollars to play with you double D's.  Maybe you can spend a few of those doll hairs on some implants.  Go big or go home, right?  You too Mangino.. 

What about Tiger woods?  I always knew there was something too perfect about him...  I actually like him more now, he was the most boring athlete before this came out.  Now I find out you take Ambien before you bone your girls other than your wife?  Come to think of it, your wife is better looking than those other slut nuggets....  wow great job you nut job.  And I know you aren't sponsored by Buick anymore but damn...  Do you really have to drive the biggest rival of the car that you sponsored all those years?  Seriously? 

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