Dutch Treat: Holland's Debut link dump

I was unable to watch the game last night, didn't get home from work untl after 10.  So I gobbled up reports of Holland's debut as I could find them.  I was excited to read the universally positive reports, all painting a picture of a poised young man pitching well enough that even thedirkatron or Mike Hindman won't be exaggerating when they talk about him.  I thought it would be nice to collect some quotes and links in one place.

From Richard Durrett's blog entry:

He didn't walk anybody and had two strikeouts (threw 29 strikes out of 42 pitches). He did not look at all intimidated and was aggressively throwing strikes. He showed an ability to paint the corners and that slider looked good. For a long relief outing, that was a great way to start your career.


Kevin Sherrington praised Holland for keeping his cool on the questionable call on a ball in Barajas' at bat, and summed up the performance this way:

Even though he was in A ball a year ago, Holland, with a fastball that ran to 96 mph, has the stuff to pitch in the big leagues. On Thursday, he showed he has the make-up.  If he keeps this up, Holland will be in the rotation before Memorial Day. And that's exactly where he should be, if the Rangers want to keep their date as a contender for 2010.


From the Jeff Wilson game report, a quote I like from Holland:

"I attacked the zone, went right after them and showed I wasn't afraid of them," Holland said.


Project Prospect put up a scouting report last night, including this tidbit we can debate:

Though there is sure to be a few growing pains along the way, Derek Holland may already be the Rangers' best pitcher.


Over at BBTIA, Joey also has pitch f/x data as part of his detailed report:


Some discussion over at minorleagueball:



A scouting report at minorleaguenotebook:


And be sure to check out the links below in FanShots provided by philkid to Beyond the Box Score's report (which includes pitch f/x charts) and some nice pics by the fightingengineer.

It's really too bad that Evan Grant couldn't make the trip to Toronto, and it would have been nice to have one of Jeff Miller's articles over at Inside Corner.  Hopefully they'll have something up later today or talk to Holland at some point soon.

I may update with more later if I find something interesting, or please add stuff you find in the comments.  I'm sorry I missed the game, but this was fun reading.  I'm sure Holland will struggle at times, but he's off to a nice start and, like Andrus, you get the impression that he belongs in the big leagues now.


Update:  Scott Lucas has a thorough look at Holland's appearance:

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