OT: Ignore Script

I fixed the ignore script that I had working (briefly) on the last board.  For those that don't know, you can enter in the users that you want to ignore and then all of their posts automatically get replaced with a simple "Ignore" text. 

Unfortunately, it's not the easiest implementation but it's something that some people liked before so I figure I'd go ahead and post it.  It's obvious but it might need saying, you don't have to install if you don't want.


- Firefox (unless there are ways of employing javascripts in other browsers)

- Greasemonkey Add-on



1) Install Greasemonkey here.

2) Go here to grab the script.  Should just be able to click the Install button and it should automatically do it for you.  Restart the browser just to be safe.

Here comes the tricky part - Setting the users you want to ignore

3)  Right Click the monkey icon and go to "Manage User Scripts"



4) Click on Manage User Scripts in the bottom right hand corner.  Now, at this point, a dialog box is going to open asking you to pick an editor.  You're going to have to navigate to a word processor (Word, Notepad, Wordpad).  Hopefully everybody can figure out where those programs are located on their computers.  Let me know if you are having trouble finding one. 




5)  Now go to the area identified in the picture below and add in the users you don't want (those users I have identified are in now way a reflection of how I feel about those people; just two people at random). 

I did pick Josey to point out that for users with a space in the name, you have to substitute the space for %20.  So, just add or subtract as many users as you want.  Just remember that you have to put quotes around the names and separate the names by commas (with the commas going outside of the quotes).



When you're done, save the script, close out of everything, and then refresh the page.  That's it.  Everything should work. 

Again, let me know if it's not working for you. 

(And even though I don't care, I'm sure people will remind me how much things like this sucks.  I can't wait).

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