Hello Win Column's (Different) Look at Wins 21-30

Hello again.  You might remember this fanpost from roughly two weeks ago, which chronicled the Rangers first 20 wins.  That went over so well that I've decided to keep everyone updated every ten wins (instead of 20). 

For those who didn't read the first post, after each Rangers win we at Hello Win Column scour the opponents' fan blogs and pick snippets from each one that are representative of the game.  Sometimes the snippets aren't representative but instead are pretty darn funny. 

Here's an excerpt (click the link below to read them all):

From Win #21 vs. Angels

"Angels fans will tell themselves that It was just one of those games where nothing went right, and they better hope this is the case, because if the Texas Rangers are as dominant as they were Friday night at home, the division will be all theirs . . ."


From Win #22 vs. Angels

"May the farce be with you, MLB, the Rangers are 6 games over .500 for the first time since steroids were banned by baseball and are one urine specimen and a Tim Donaghy-style investigation away from their rightful place... and that would be fighting for third with Seattle.

Lackey was ejected after hitting Ian Kinsler. The plate-crowding cheat ended up scoring that inning to tie the game 1-1"

From Win #26 vs. Astros

"Ugh. I planned my afternoon around this game… And what happens?

Blanked by the Rangers.

Let me put that in context. Swept by the Rangers.

It was one of those games when we didn’t hit and we didn’t make any miraculous fielding plays either. It was one of those games when our starting pitcher gave up hit after hit and then our hitters countered with one pitch pop fly outs. "


From Win #27 vs. Yankees

This was the highlight of my research for today's HWC post: a contrast between Lone Star Ball's game report and Pinstripe Alley's game report:

Adam Morris (of LSB): "That was worth the wait."

Travis G (of PSA): "I can't believe I stayed up for this."


From Win #28 vs. A's

"Josh Outman pitched great in Game 1, striking out a career high 9 in 6.2 IP and allowing just 3 hits, but was pulled after 101 pitches because Bob Geren saw a game that was becoming dangerously close to being an A's win and took swift and decisive action."


Check out the full transcript at Hello Win Column.

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