Minors 6/15


Lots of minor league action, including a Hickory double header.


Here's what we got:

4:00-  OKC Box - Corey - Bleh, at least we get to see if Maxram can continue to come out of his extended hitting slump. The main thing is for his power to come back, it could be that he's been  hurt and thats been hindering his power, I hope thats the case and he proves in the second half that he is what he's always been, a ~.300/400/500 type hitter.

4:00- Hickory, Game One Box, Nam - Hmm, should be interesting if he can dominate as a starter like he has been as a RP. According to Announcer, Nam in the 1st working at 88 MPH, usually works in mid 80s

Game 2 Box, Hickory - Font- I hope Font can get his walks down.

7:00 - Frisco Box- Beavan! - Debut for C-Wun, against Midland, should be full of awesomeness. We shall see what Beavan does from here on out, by promoting him this early, I get the feeling that Beavan might have a shot at working his way into the 2010 rotation at some point next year... We shall see, he seems like the type of pitcher who can adjust to the Show better than most young pitchers, keeping his walk rate under 3 per nine will be the big thing for me to watch. Of course, Id love to see him striking out 8 or 9 guys per 9. But even if he doesnt ever get his stuff back to that level, I think we can reasonably expect him to become a solid mid-rotation guy with his exceptional command if it continues to play at the higher levels.

A quick comparison:

Eh? both in high A, of course Beavan is in the Cal League likely inflating his ERA a little bit, but the Ks and BBs look suprisingly equal. Beavan can be a solid starting pitcher in the show even if he never strikes out that many guys

Oh yea,

9:00 - Bakersfield Box- Tim Murphy - Poor guy is getting shelled in the Cal LG. I wonder if its time to move him back to being a RP?


and if you havent seen this, BBTIA has a great, great breakdown of MiLB performances at the halfway point:

Really cool stuff, feel free to discuss that as well.

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