Trade Talk

I have nothing substantial here, but as July gets closer, my mind tends to wander this way.  I keep reading over and over that this is such a seller’s market, which amazes me because, with the financial situation as it is, I figured teams would be more willing to move guys.  I am starting to wonder if the Rangers can pull off a dual “buyer/seller” mode over the next month and move some guys who may not be able to help after this year while also keeping their team strong for a playoff run.  Of course, it would help if every position player at the big league level wasn’t mired in suck right now.


Still, I love proposing deals, so I’d figure I’d throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks.

#1  Chris Davis, Thomas Diamond and Greg Golson for Ian Snell, Adam LaRoche and Sean Burnett


Why it makes sense for the Rangers: Ian Snell is controllable through 2012 and when he’s right, he’s a very good young pitcher.  Let him stay down in OKC through the all star break and hope that he comes back strong and rejuvenated by playing for a contender in the second half.  He hasn’t faced the AL West much, which should be an advantage this year.  Adam LaRoche could come in and solve our 1B problem for the rest of the year, and he’s always been a very strong second half guy (and as a FA at year’s end, we would stand to get some compensation for him).  Sean Burnett gives us a groundball inducing lefty (a true loogy) to bolster our reliever corps.


Why it makes sense for the Pirates:  Chris Davis is obviously a wildly talented hitter with an impeccable minor league track record.  He is also very solid defensively.  Still, the Rangers need help at 1B now, and not necessarily in the future (with Smoak coming through the ranks), so letting Davis play through his slump makes a lot more sense for a non-contender like the Pirates.  Pittsburgh is reportedly looking for toolsy OF to put around McCutchen, and Golson makes sense in that department (he is no higher than sixth or seventh on our OF depth chart).  I still think, somewhere in there, Thomas Diamond has what it takes, but obviously DVD needed to be elsewhere in order to thrive, so its time we set this bird free.


Which team balks at this deal?  There is obvious risk on both sides, and it would certainly sting to see Davis leave, but it makes sense in both the short and long term for the Rangers.


#2   Jose Vallejo for Sergio Romo


Why it makes sense for the Rangers: When healthy, Sergio Romo has been one of the best relievers in baseball over the past two years, despite his smallish stature.  I don’t love this move only because Vallejo is the obvious choice to fill in long term if Kinsler went down with an injury, and he makes sense as a cheap utility guy for us in the future.  But Sergio could team with Wilson, Frankie and O'Day to give us a true shut-down back end of our bullpen, and it would be nice to have a Romo I can count on when it matters.


Why it makes sense for the Giants: The Giants have solid pitching depth, especially in their bullpen, and a dearth of position player prospects in their upper levels.  Vallejo is just about major league ready and could step in and play 2B for the Giants tomorrow, while filling that hole for years to come.  He is currently blocked in TX by two talented young players who are controllable for many years, but he has the tools to be a legit ML starter somewhere. 


These are the first two that popped into my head.  They may be wildly biased on my part.  I just figured I’d get a little conversation going.  Feel free to rip mine and/or add your own.

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