OT: Mavs Off Season/Marion details set

I failed to notice Miles' post was rec'd up because I just assumed it was all CPP posts.  Should have known a Miles post would eventually get rec'd to the top. 

1.) Everyone knows they re-upped Kidd.  They tried to make his deal similar to the Stack/Damp/JET deals by partially guaranteeing the third year, but Kidd and his agent smartly used the Knicks to get the third year guaranteed as well.  You can still hate the trade...that is understandable...but getting Kidd back was pretty close to a must for this team as JJ Barea is not a 30-35 minute a game PG and no one knows what Beaubois will be. 

2.) They got a young center in Gortat.  I am calling it official because all signs point to Orlando not matching.  The Mavs made the deal too rich for the Magic to pay Dwight Howard's backup.  That, and Orlando has mysteriously popped up as the 4th team in the Marion deal.  There was really no need to include them as the Raps signed Turkoglu to the same deal they would have anyway.  The Magic got a trade exception out of the deal...seems like it could be an under the table deal...the Magic don't match and the Mavs get them a trade exception to add a piece to their team.  Centers in their 20s who are strong, athletic, solid rebounders, and solid defenders are worth what the Mavs are long as he doesn't go Diop on them.  And i think his talent outdistances Diop and fits the Mavs style better. 

They got hustled by a guy who now has to be considered one of the shadiest GMs in the NBA.  Blame Donnie and Cubes for being dumb enough to get hustled....but believe that Otis Smith will come to know the full meaning of the word Karma.

3.) They signed Quinton Ross.  Why?  Because Antoine Wright and Devean George are on their way to Canada.  Ross brings a lot of the same attributes as Wright and can be valuable as a wing defender with some 3 pt ability.

4.) They used the "Stack Chip" to grab a 4 time all star.  Is Marion the same player he was in Phoenix?  Probably not.  But, he is still a guy who can defend SGs, SFs, and some PFs.  He is still an athletic finisher.  And he will get open looks with Dirk, Josh, and JET commanding defensive attention.  Perhaps the biggest pro to getting Marion; he is the type of athletic wing that Kidd makes look better than most other PGs.  Marion wasn't the same without Nash distributing to him (and Kidd before that when he burst onto the scene) but Kidd can definitely help the Matrix be reborn.  The details...from multiple sources:

Dallas Basketball, complete with Fish giving props to himself (DLord is the true genius), David Aldridge 

ESPN, with a mention Greg Buckner is headed back to Dallas

Yahoo sports

Interesting note on Buckner possibly being part of the return to Dallas; his contract (authored by the Mavs) has the same non guaranteed year(s) as Stack, Damp, and JET.


So, what does all this mean?  Well, Dallas has bolstered it's interior depth and improved it's already solid rebounding.  More importantly, Dallas has made moves to make themselves a better defensive team with Gortat, Marion, Ross, and even draft pick Beaubois (though he is clearly a work in progress).  Dallas can now trot out this lineup:

PG: Kidd, Barea, Beaubois

SG: Howard, Terry, Buckner

SF: Marion, Ross, Carroll, Williams

PF: Dirk, Singleton, Humphries

C: Gortat, Damp, Hollins


Keep in mind Dallas will have to choose to retain Singleton and Hollins, while also making decisions on Gerald Green and Brandon Bass.  The Mavs can also still use their BAE on a guy like Marquis Daniels or someone like him which would allow them to push Marion to the bench giving them JET and Matrix as the first two off the bench with Dampier getting 20 minutes a night at center.  They also have several multi-position guys with Barea, Terry, Howard, Ross, and Marion.  Add to that some developmental guys like Foster, Calathes, Seibutis and Nivins.

And perhaps the biggest note...while it involves some fantasy/pipe dream/blind that Dallas now has Dampier AND Buckner as huge trade chips in the fantasy summer of 2010.

For a team I thought was dead in the water, I am fairly impressed with the maneuvering Cuban and Donnie (still don't think much of him) have done for this year and beyond.

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