Tuesday's Game in NY- NYTXFAN thoughts!

So I just got back home to Rochester from NYC and thought I would offer my thoughts on the game. This was only my third Rangers game in 26 years of my life.  The first two were against Toronto.

Not really sure where to start.  First off Yankee stadium is really nice compared to the old stadium. The old stadium was worn down and very tiny in terms of how many people would come to a game.  The new stadium seemed very spacious.  But enough of the that.  On to the festivities.

I got to the game in time for batting practice.  It was fun.  I had gotten the chance to get Andy Pettite's auto for my father.  Funny story here.  Back when I was younger, we attended a Red Wing and Columbus game.  Back then the hype was surrounded by Andy Pettite and Andy Stankquitz(Not sure on the spelling).  We would always go and try and get autos so this time was no different.  We got close to Pettite and was trying to get him to sign.  He was basically being a dick and wouldn't even look over.  Then some nice kid that played SS came over and said "Hey kid.  What's your name? Andy can't sign today cause he is pitching but I will!"   Okay but who the hell are you.  Turns out he would become one of the best SS and Yankee players I would ever get to know in my life.  Mr. Derek Jeter.  

Anyway, once I saw the Rangers come out for practice I decided to get closer to them.  And I did.  I got to talking with Eddie G a little first.  Nice guy.  Then I immediately saw Neftali.  I screamed to him "HEY Neftali, where's the backpack?"  Half the team turned to me and started chuckling.  Very funny.  That's when I saw BGL and said, "BGL your my hero."  He turned and smiled.  Very cool guys on this team and it makes me happy to be a fan.  Next, I saw Mike Maddux and asked him if anybody was gonna sign some autos and he didn't even acknowledge me.  I kept telling them to come over and sign something for the lone Ranger fan in attendance but it didn't work.  I then got asked to my seat.

Believe me when I say it, NY has very very few fans of the Texas Rangers.  I felt very alone.  Of course I clapped when my guys came up to bat the first inning, but then was shut up quick due to a 4 run Yankee first off Milly.  I believe he had three walks in the first few innnings and I knew it wasn't gonna be a great night for him.  However, Joba hadn't pitched in 8 days so I figured it was gonna be rough for him also.  And it was.  The Rangers offense picked him apart in key two out situations.  Very nice to finally see the offense take control.

Still have a man crush on Davis.  Very nice to see he had a decent game offensively.  I told him that at the end of the game.  He smiled and walked in the dugout.  Many fans were suprised with his defense, but I wasn't.  He plays a huge defense at first.  It really reminds me of Tex.

Just some quick player thoughts.

Elvis is awesome.  I Heart this kid.  He is gonna be a huge part to this team winning.   Borbon, even though not in the field, looked good on offense.  He makes things happen on the bases.  Pudge still has it in him.  Mike Young is still my favorite Ranger.  Hammy looked very wierd in right, almost like he shouldn't have been there.  He needs work in right.  Byrds diving catch shut the fans right up.  I jumped up started screaming and clapping.  Oh that feeling is great.  But he is gone next year unless he wants to take a bench role cause Borbon is deffinitly the future here. Kins is the new pop up imo.  Cruz is a threat but chased some breaking balls when up to bat.  Still something that he needs to fix. 

On to pitching.  Millwood is a terrible ace on this staff.  He cannot carry us at all.  I like him, but he just looks worn out.  Not a good sign going into a playoff race.  Next, Feliz.  FUCKING HEART HIM.  He is increadibly good.  He throws so effortlessly.  Yankee fans couldn't believe it.  He would go from a 98 MPH to an 80 slider.  Crazy good.  I could see him taking over closing duities in Frank has a stretch of bad games.  He could handle it.  He puts the ball where players can hit it but they just can't do it.  Just an awesome piece to our pitching puzzle.  I was a little suprised at the amount of time he was out there, but he handled it just fine.  O'Day looked great and I wish Wash would keep him out longer then he does.  He is defenitly a go to guy.  Not impressed with Grilli at all.  I just don't like what I saw.  Frankie Frank seemed like he was pitching to the dirt a lot and not the batters.  Leading to a terrible 9th inning that had me on the edge of my seat.  I thought oh shit!  It's happening again.  They are gonna come back and win from a big deficit like they did last year.  I was on the edge of my seat.  They pulled it off though.  My parents left early and were watching the replay in said it looked like he was safe at secong but I haven't seen it yet, but it was an out so eat it.

All and all, what a great game for me to see. They showed promise in the bottom of the order(Davis, Elvis) and at the top(Borbon, Young, Hammy), showed increadible defense(besides Hammy in right), and the pitchers showed why this team can contend(besides the meltdown, O'Day and Feliz seemed lights out). 

I love this team......I Love Rangers Baseball.  I might add more thoughts but I just wrote a story so my head is all jumbled at the moment.

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