Who the Rangers could possibly get at the Trade Deadline with $8M.

Ok, here's the thing.  I was all on-board for getting Ben Sheets about 3 months ago.  All for it.  Then the pitching acquisitionsthat Daniels went out and got plus the question marks about the payroll drove me to become very bearish on acquiring Sheets.  So I did a run down of who could be available for the Rangers near the trade deadline.  Hopefully this can somewhat illustrate my hesitance for Sheets and support my stance on letting the pitching staff we have get a chance to show us what they have.  Waiting until July/Aug to spend more money will also allow Greenberg to assess his/the teams financial situation and what they may be able to spend.

Let me preface this with saying I will be making some assumptions on which teams will be sellers.  Some of these guys may not be available.  Also, the Rangers will only be having to pay for a fraction of their 2010 salaries, so the salary I put next to them will not be the price the Rangers will be paying.  The $8M is also a variable here.  I only used that because that was the amount Sheets was rumored to be going for on the market today. 



     Pitcher:                                                           2010 Salary:


Bronson Arroyo                                   $11M  (2011 club option for $11M)

Matt Cain                                            $4.5M (2011 club option for $6.25M)

Jorge De La Rosa                                 $5.6M

Jeff Francis                                         $5.75M (2011 club option for $7M)

Brandon Webb                                    $8.5M     

Jake Westbrook                                   $11M      

Chris Young                                         $6.25M (2011 club option for $8.5M)                     


There are others out there, and I would love to see some of your suggestions.  The point of this post was to show viable pitchers that are out there and that the club could make a run for if one, two, or three of the Rangers pitchers decide to fall apart/regress.  This list doesn't include players who would be FA in 2012 that teams are also likely to move if they become sellers. 

I am also well aware of the counterpoint that getting Sheets now wouldn't cost the team any prospects.  I believe the Rangers have a deep enough farm system to let a prospect or two go if they get a decent pitcher in return to help make a playoff run.  We may have a 40-man crisis coming up soon anyway, so losing a prospect or two may help make decisions easier.

This is my first FanPost on here, so be gentle.  Any suggestions on how to improve would be fantastic as well.

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