OT: College Football (Week 7 Recap/BCS Week 1!)

Edit: I know we're all in Rangers mode right now, but there's some intriguing stuff going on in CFB right now. Seeing as it's an off day, I thought it would be a good time to post this.

Another week, another #1 goes down. Ohio State lost yesterday, 31-18 against Wisconsin, making it the first time in three years the #1 team in the nation lost in consecutive weeks. 

UT showed some sign of life, as their defense dominated Taylor Martinez and the Cornhuskers of Nebraska, 20-13. The final score does not indicate how dominant UT's defense was.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, Oklahoma State killed Tech, ending Josey's 10 win minimum he put on TTU's season. 

Missouri destroyed A&M 30-9, and oh god, Jerrod Johnson just overthrew another receiver. What the hell is wrong with the Aggies right now? Johnson has to be injured or something, because he just looks awful.

TCU was so damn close to shutting out their opponent for the third consecutive week. They gave up a late FG, but otherwise dominated a pretty bad BYU team, 31-3. That Utah game is looking pretty big right now.

Iowa State, who put up 52 points on Tech, managed to score no points, getting shut out by OU, 52-0. I was very skeptical about OU to start the season, but after shaky wins over Utah State and Air Force at home, they've looked pretty impressive. Some people have them right now at #1 in the BCS. 

Baylor is one win away from bowl eligibility. Holy shit. They beat Colorado, 31-25. 

And let's all laugh at South Carolina for throwing an interception instead of kicking a FG to tie the game against Kentucky. Talk about a letdown after beating Alabama.

Also, BCS time!!! Tell the world what your predictions are! Here's mine (I know you've been dying to know).

UPDATE: According to BCSGuru on Twitter:

First computer (and only one to be out before announcement), Sagarin: 1  2 3 MSU 4 Auburn 5 Stanford 6 7 TCU

1.) Boise State- They won't stay for long (sadly), but they've looked like the best team in the country this season.

2.) Oregon- They won't stay here for long. Their defense is going to cost them a chance at a national championship appearance this year. It's just not very good.

3.) TCU- It hasn't been pretty, but they're winning the games they are supposed to be winning. The hype of the Air Force game is pretty much gone now, as they lost to a surprisngly decent San Diego St. team. SDST almost beat Mizzou on the road, and lost a tough game in Provo against BYU. They're not bad.

4.) Oklahoma- If they keep winning, they'll leap frog TCU and Boise, obviously. They have a tough game against Mizzou next week in Columbia, but outside of this game, Oklahoma State, and the Big 12 Championship, the rest of their games should be easy wins.

5.) Auburn- Holy crap, they went off against Arkansas. However, their schedule is too tough for them to remain undefeated.

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