LeBron James - great player, complete d-bag?

With LeBron's Twitter saga continuing and the Atlanta fans booing him last night, we are still getting bombarded by all things LeBron.  The amount of news we hear about Kobe, Durant and other great, exciting players pales in comparison to what we hear about a guy that is really starting to annoy me.

ESPN The Magazine came in the mail yesterday, and their article from an unknown pro athlete was praising LeBron for his off-season antics, saying it was a blow to the owners.  That seems to be a very shortsighted view, and one that I hope becomes problematic for the players.  With Stern recently coming out and saying that salaries should be lowered, it seems that there is going to be an imminent power struggle.  Stern has been very, very good for the league - owners and players, and I trust that his thoughts are in the best interest of the league going forward.

LeBron's circus act this off-season was hideous.  He is arguably the best player in the league, and he hasn't had a good surrounding cast.  That said, people have rightfully questioned his toughness, and they have also questioned if he has the heart necessary to finish.

At the end of the day, he's great, and he's going to become a billionaire athlete, but why be a d-bag in the process?

Then I finally understood...  Today I was reading an article about people hating LeBron and sending him nasty Tweets - but that he understands (when it's obvious he really doesn't).  That's when this piece of gold jumped off the page:

As a supporter of the Yankees, Cowboys and Ohio State, he's actually having a tough week with all three having troubles lately.

He's THAT guy.  The guy that we have been discussing that attaches himself inexplicably to the Yankees and Cowboys.  Then I remembered when he wore the Yankee lid to the Cleveland game...  I had forgotten about him being "Yankee fan" until this morning.

That explains so much...

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