So....we have about 80 people who have said they'll be there...could be more, could be less.

The first thing to worry about is we do kegs or BYOB?  I was going to do a poll but I don't trust this place to do that.....

I'll go ahead and say that I'm not going to be responsible for a keg, so someone is going to have to bow up if that's the case...if someone wants to get 2 or 3 kegs then they are responsible for getting moneys together for it...only bc I know my limits when it comes to being responsible....

SECONDLY, it's been expressed that a TV will be, someone hop to it.  (bspate, ftw)

THIRDLY, we'll need a power generator...someone will need to handle that in a similar fashion to the keg thing. (NothingG to bring generator)

FOURTHLY, coolers with ice....

FIFTHLY, soda pops for the losers that don't drink,

SIXTHLY, plates, napkins, sporks

SEVENTHLY, grills (we don't know what food we're going to do until we know what time we're playing...cause if we play at noon then I'm making breakfast for now, just say if you can bring a grill and what kind it is....I will be manning a 20" Weber...we'll see how many we would be sick if someone could bring a barrel smoker cuz we may need more grill space. (ME, Doc Mabee, Jam-barrell & weber)

EIGHTLY, tables....I'll bring one, it's a long serving table...maybe two others would do.....

NINTHLY, toilet paper....I'm serious...SEC 339, does the crapper come with TP?  (SUICIDE PRINCE)

New Edition******TENTHLY, EZ-UP Canopy type thing....2 or 3 NEED 1 or 2 MORE*************


That's all I can think of....I will cross the list off as we fill the needs....again, please stay on topic (mainly talking to myself here) and note that the next post will be about FOOD since to me, it depends on the time of day on what I'm going to cook (and eat).

One more thing, I'm finta delete the fanpost re: Head if there's something in that thread you want said, please repost it up in this mug.

OC, the spaces and crapper have been paid for...that is all and there is no more skrill in the least that's what SEC 339 told me.....


Sideline Reporter Jim Knox gets LEVELED (via mbuga87)

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