Alright....everything is done for tomorrow's festivities.

This is a B.Y.O.B. event....which unfortunately means there will be no goET keg stands :(

The gates open at 11:00 am.

Tailgate is in Lot D.

You're going to either need your ticket or the computer printout showing you bought tickets...if you don't have those you'll have to park in an independent lot and walk to the tailgating area....if you're bringing something and you have to park in an independent lot please identify yourself in the comments.







You know who you are.....we're all grown ass men around here.  If you said you were going to bring something, please bring it or now is the time to let us know you can't or won't be able to handle business. 

No big deal, don't be scared to speak up.  It is what it is and we'll fix it.

For all you supposed "Early-Birds"

.....Sec 339 and I are going to be in the parking lot at 9:30 AM setting up shop.  Sec 339 is a ninja and got us early access....this is big bc we're not going to have to do the Land Grab that we were worried about. 

If you donated money to the initial cause Sec 339 put your name on a list and gave it to the Director of Parking George should be able to get in if you're wanting to come before 11am let us know and we'll try to get you on the list.

One last thing......

We initially only got 5 parking spots coned off for our tailgating pleasure...well...that wasn't enough.  We went ahead and got 4 more at $20 bucks per coming out to $80 total.

I have paid for this already.....I don't want any surprises, I hate surprises.

We had $10 left over from the Food Fund and I am putting in $20 of my money towards the $'s $50 out of pocket that I would love to see recouped.

Some folks had said in the other Tailgate posts that they would put some money towards whatever was needed...well...this is something you can donate to!!!!

Please paypal me at will let everyone know when we've hit $50.  If you don't have a paypal then you can bring cash money to the festivities....just let me know if that's what you're going to do in the comments so I can tally it up.

I hate to ask this of y'all...but I can only do so much in the way of money. 

Thanks to everyone who has already given each get a signed AJM Centaur painting.

On a very serious note...please be respectful of each other and those around us....please pick up after yourself and don't shit on the porta-john lid...if you are planning on getting shit-housed then please make plans to sleep in the parking lot or make other arrangements.

S339 and jam0152...y'all got anything else that I'm forgetting?

I have to say that I'm real excited about this and although this has been rather time consuming it's actually been quite fun....I look forward to drinking some beers, eating some good chow, and watching the Rangers take Game 3.

I love you all.

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