OT: CFB Week 10 Recap, BCS Week 4!

Well, that was freaking awesome. TCU beat the crap out of a good (I don't care what anyone says, they are) Utah team, in Salt Lake City. That was the best they've looked since the Baylor game earlier this season. The TCU defense has given up 23 points in the last six games. Holy crap. TCU has San Diego St. and New Mexico left on their schedule. SDSU has had a very good season thus far. They might sneak into the top 25 when the polls come out today. But still, TCU should roll at home.

Last thing, before I start to ramble on about the Horned Frogs: I wonder if staying out of the spotlight this season has helped them this year. Just a thought.

Well, here's what also happened:

Texas A&M looked really impressive, beating OU at home, 33-19. Ryan Tannehill threw for 225 yards and 2 TDs, including the 64 yard pass to Wes Welker Ryan Swope, that put the game out of reach. Man, A&M has to be kicking themselves over the loss to Okie State earlier in the year. They now need the Cowboys to lose two games for them to the Aggies to win the Big 12 South. 

Speaking of Oklahoma State, they whooped up on Baylor, 55-28. I didn't see the entire game, but to me, it felt like RGIII and the rest of the Baylor offense was pressing like crazy. You could tell the offense felt like it had to score on every possession if they were going to win. Oh well. I think if you had told Baylor fans before the season started that they would have been ranked #22 and had just come off a win AT TEXAS, I think they would have taken that in a heartbeat. 

Texas Tech took their next step toward bowl eligibility! They beat Mizzou 24-17 in Lubbock. Taylor Potts had an awesome game, and Tech's defense finally decided to show up this season. Fun fact: Potts is 4th in the nation in TD passes, 4th in attempts, and 11th in passing yards. He's only thrown 6 INT. But man, imagine if they had a good QB!

Speaking of amazing QB's, Garrett Gilbert is fucking awful. He threw 5 INT's in an embarrassing 39-14 loss to Kansas State. On the year, Gilbert has thrown 14 INT this season, tied for 4th most in the country. UT is now 4-5, and they need to win two out of their last three games to become bowl eligible. They have to play Oklahoma State, Florida Atlantic, and Texas A&M. The last time they didn't play in a bowl game? 1997, which happened to be John Mackovic's last year as head coach before hiring Mack Brown the following year. 

I still don't get how LSU has done anything this year. They seem so beatable every game they play, but opposing teams can't seem to figure them out. They bested Alabama at home, 24-21, and will officially take the crown as the best 1-loss team in the country. 

I don't see them passing TCU or Boise, though. Alabama was a unique case because they're the defending champs, and they still had Auburn on their schedule. LSU has Ole Miss and Arkansas left to play, and the SEC Championship game. I don't think that will be enough.

And how about Kansas? They scored 35 unanswered in the 4th quarter and beat Colorado, 52-45. That's pretty insane. But yeah, Kansas is still garbage.

After the jump, I'll guess the BCS Rankings (failing miserably) and will look quickly toward next week's games.

Projected BCS Standings (by me)

1.) Auburn 2.) TCU 3.) Oregon 4.) Boise St. 5.) LSU 6.) Wisconsin 7.) Ohio State 8.) Stanford 9.) Nebraska               10.) Michigan St.

Looking to next week, there's not a whole lot of amazing games. I only see one match-up between two top 25 teams (Mississippi State-Alabama). But, there are a few local games of intrigue.

Texas A&M  @ Baylor

Oklahoma State @ UT

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma

Kansas State @ Mizzou

San Diego State @ TCU


So, what game is everyone looking forward to?

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