Lone Star Ball Lynch Mob Rd. 3

We all know that the best way to vent about the recent Cliff Lee happenings is through violence. Well, we can't do that, but we can do the next best thing, which is imaginary violence.

In this hypothetical, the LSB mob is fully assembled, and we're taking a vote on who gets it next. This is Texas, and around here we understand that some people just need killin'.


I know what you're thinking. How did my name get on the list?

Well you qualified under at least one of the following criteria:

1.) I know people hate you

2.) You have been on the site long enough or have been posting enough lately that everyone should know who you are

3.) I remember you saying something particularly stupid

4.) You were a name I selected at random just so I can see how long it takes the mob to turn it's fury on the anonymous

Also, I threw in my name as a sign of good faith.


FWIW, I tried to get a good cross section of assholes and non-assholes, but let's face it. Most of us are assholes.


I'll update the list nightly until we get tired of this, or until I'm forced to take it down.


About half of the mob felt that its bloodlust was quenched after taking out Josey and dispersed. But, the rest of us have some serious misplaced abandonment issues thanks to Clifton Phifer. Our pitchforks had developed a taste for human blood, and Sharky was reduced to chum.


#1 Josey Wales

#2 Sharky


Notables in Round 1:

2 people want to kill Adam

There was a surprising amount of support for "the Dirkatron," which was most likely an attempted preemptive strike to avoid hate pearing.

More people wanted to kill Lisa (the only female candidate) than wanted to kill miles.

No one wants to kill the Ghost of Erik Thompson. Or, since he is a ghost, do they just assume he's already dead?

2 people wanted to slaughter the poor, innocent, Todmod.

Top 5 receiving votes - Josey 80+, brettgardner 23, sharky 14, the Dirkatron - 9, LSJ - 6

Notables in Round 2

2 people still want to kill Adam

brettgardner was likely saved by an accounting error. Sharky "won" by 3 votes, but 7 votes were logged before I realized I had left brett off the list. At least one of those was confirmed to have been a would be brettgardner vote.So close to a double kill. :(

No innocent random names were targeted

Even with fewer voters, LSJ managed to score more votes. Emomentum?

Top 5 receiving votes - Sharky 18, brettgardner 15, the Dirkatron 8, LSJ 8, Rangers100 5

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