The 2nd annual GDT graphics ceremony of awards!!!



Well folks it's that time of year to reminisce and recognize those that bestowed upon us their GDT graphics genius. But before we do that let's go over some of the more epic GDT moments as I recall them to be. One of the top GDT moments of the year had to be the introduction of Medusa one May night at RBiA playing the White Sox. Medusa was the talk of the town for weeks Her good looks and charm spawned tons of graphics work and new stats including the P.M.R. Medusa record not to be confused with P.M.S., although there are similarities.

  Another rousing success for Ranger fans was Heidi Richardson, sex pot wife of up and coming catcher Kevin Richardson. I have not seen Ranger fans that excited in years and if you saw her you would totally understand why. It became an engorged bone of contention as to how exactly Heidi  Kevin was to remain on the roster. On the flip side we had a Dawg, a Texas_Dawg.

   Hall of shame troll Texas_Dawg had more enemies than Bernie Madoff. He made LBrooks look like little bo peep imho. Ben had no choice but to ban him and it wasn't easy. Ben had to play whac-a-troll hitting him 6 or 7 times before he finally gave up. The poor boy didn't have the sense to change his moniker. Last I heard of Texas_Dawg he was recovering from double TOS surgery. It seems he read on the internet that if you remove a rib it's much easier to pleasure oneself.  Just as the doctor was to begin the procedure Dawg looked up at the doctor and said " I've given this a tremendous amount of thought fwiw and would you mind taking out 2 ribs?"

    Game Day threaders really don't get a fair shake. There's a lot of talent in your typical GDT.  I really don't care if it's the kind of talent that could make Heidi Fleiss blush, it's still talent. So what if it's true that it takes 3 Game day threaders to screw in a lightbulb. Have you ever tried to screw in a lightbulb while you're drunk and your knee is  spasmodically jerking? So anyway let's sojourn  to the black tie affair and the expansive breadth of graphics talent:


DSheppard- I don't even know where to start here since there's so much but some of my favorites were the gifs early in the season you once called the "standings tracker".  I also loved Cruz missile, the Byrdman of Arlington, J.D. clapping in black and white with Medusa in the background, OC dancing around bases, zip it up gif with Guardado and Adam with fork.


Baseballismyboyfriend- Lots of talent here folks. Some of my favorite pieces of work were The Padilla Flotilla, Milly pulling chariot, Milly holding last years pants, fear the Murphinator, and Feldmania. One of my favorites was you wearing the shirt with "I'm an Andrus caliber catch" on it <----seXXXy


CMKelly29 - Some of his top drawer stuff included  DP Dino with green creature lurking, Knoxdusa, Salty? flipping off the cameraman and the Rally taco.


Inkara- Built for Fun vodka pic is a classic, single play squid big winner, rally roaches not so much, double play dinosaur.


Whipsmart- The Alyssa series, Mr. Knox please have a seat, the Basetrix with Nellie Cruz.


LoneStarJon- Nelson Cruz tower to tower goatee power, Hank take me to the bank cause I'm money,  Elvis king of the diamond card, unleash the triple play triceratops.


Brandon Worley- Madrigal Doll


Gossamer - ya'll done been swept


Chase Irwin- "Lumpy"


Gthd36- Rick Flair woooooo always works, broom with Ranger logo


GDawg - muscleman with Davis face


TexasRaider - Yellow Elvis neon sign and Kinsler fuel injection monster.


Drizzle- James Earl Jones dancing, the first Medusa pic.


I.Orange555 - HH with bunny ears.


last years awards ceremony: 



non GDT related talent:


Ben Morris - The Josey Wales animated story - you know the one where Ben shit on Josey's toothbrush.


i.Orange aka "Pookie" - The esteemed writer of the Derek Cleets Story. It was sooo incredibly esoteric that no one really got it. I found that upon the 7th or 8th reading it really starts to "come together". Great success!!


Special Props


Rodney- Rodney gets special consideration for being a vital cog in the GDT dynamic with his "Go first place mother effin Rangers" bit during those glorious summer days. Some people couldn't even get their days started until they saw that. He would mysteriously disappear most nights around 8, usually around the time the girl in the 2 piece came to pick up his trash in his new la de da digs. Rodney was on the GDT all star team in '08.  In '08 he'd take off his coat and stay a while, in '09 he put on his latex coat and left after making an "appearance".Stay tuned for the '10 version.

Boomer1 - Former bug mass murderer turned real estate mogul Boomer1 gets special props for manning up during one of the GDT's and after some probing admitting that one of his favorite snacks, captain crunch does indeed have crunchberries. I think he may have thought it was a little ghey to admit it at first. It's ok Boomer,  Chris Davis considers pink jellybeans his favorite snack, which actually may explain a lot.

 Brian "Big Money" Thomas- The renaissanced ole chap would grace us with his presence from time to time. When Brian entered the room the room I.Q. would markedly rise and we'd all learn a few new words. He'd then deflate a couple of heads and be on his way. It was a virtual smorgasbord of WIN!

I looked through about 50 GDT's to come up with these so if I missed yours post it here!!!

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