The truth behind lonestarball

The truth behind lonestarball 
The truth behind lonestarball if you are new to this blog, or still trying to figure things out this will help you a lot. I've been on here for almost two years it'll be two years in may, I believe. Now a lot of people have been on here longer, and lets call them the senior members of this blog, but we need to separate them into two different groups. There are the Alpha senior members. They think that because they have been here longer they know more than you, and no not just about baseball, but about the life you live. If you wanna know the right way to do your taxes they will tell you, and they'll be right about because they are the Alpha senior members. They also tend to be a bit grumpy because they have been around here longer. They are not kind to newbies. They love old jokes, and they love to argue about anything, and their opinions are facts that you haven't heard of yet. Basically they are Chuck Norris is what I am saying.

You've also got the Old timers senior members. Now these people think they know everything too, but they're more subtle about it, and not as harsh. I think its because they have more of a life outside of lonestarball, so they are not as grumpy. They are a little more understanding of newbies, and by that I mean they just don't talk to them. Instead of cussing them out for not knowing what OPS is they just don't talk to them, till they figure out. They also love old jokes, and love to argue but they pick their battles wisely, and don't get into insult related arguments. 
  Do not try to come between the Alpha senior members, and the Old timers senior members. The Alpha senior members protect the Old timers senior members because they share something in common, being here the longest. It's kind of like the old people you see sitting on a bench doing nothing but sitting there. Lonestarball is their bench, and you're their bitch (whether you really are, or not. Trust me you're their bitch, don't argue with me. Just accept it! You are their bitch) 


Now we move onto the middle of the roaders. You have the middle of the roaders who are standing on the road with their barefeet while its 100 degrees outside. So as you can imagine they are fucking pissed. Their feet are burning, and they want to take it out on anyone, well not anyone. The angry middle of the roaders will not go after any of the senior members, but anyone else is fair game. Now unlike the Alpha senior members who will argue with you. The angry middle of the roaders will just start something. They don't need a reason. You could say "Feliz is the greatest pitcher ever" and they'll list a bunch of reasons as to why you are a jackass. To be fair it is a bit early to say he is the greatest pitcher ever, but you were obviously just making a comment out of excitement. Not really stating a historical fact. The angry middle of the roaders are probably the worst out of Lonestarball.

Then we have the know it all middle of the roaders they are like the Angry middle of the roaders just not angry, so everything about the angry middle of the roaders applies to them except they are nicer about it. Then you have the Follow the leader middle of the roaders. They basically have no opinions of their own they scope out what is the general consensus, and agree with it. Then if you argue with them about it, bring up valid points they'll wait for an angry middle of the roader to come to the rescue with some hurtful line. Everyone will say "rec it" and the comment will go green. There are a small group of middle of the roaders who are nice, and usually just are good people for the most part. Although It's kind of like looking for a piece of gold through a lot of piles of shit. The shit being the angry middle of the roaders for you slow people. 

 Then we have the newbies. You have the completely clueless newbies. Now I am usually understanding of newbies, and even if they are completely clueless about all things internet I try to help them out. Because I realize there are still people out there that prefer real life to the internet. The completely clueless newbies usually don't stay for too long because everyone tries to throw the best insult at them. You also have the newbies who got their feelings hurt, and now they are here solely to annoy people and start random pointless fights. They usually don't last long because eventually they, and everyone else gets bored with it (except for Josey Wales, but this is not about him). The other newbies usually gradually become one of the middle of the roaders, although it takes awhile they'll be standing on the road with their barefeet soon enough. 
For all the newbies who are planning on sticking around here are a few ways to survive Lonestarball. Don't take things too seriously because the people on here don't know you, so if they something that makes you mad or hurts you, let it go. They are just being jackasses. Let it go, and say something back! If you're not clever enough then just let it go because if you come back with a stupid insult then you are really going to get it. Judge things for yourself. I see a lot of people who just go with the norm, and follow the majority. You came on this blog so you could express YOUR opinions about baseball, and the Rangers, so don't come on here, and just follow what everyone else is doing.

You are going to get in arguments, and people are going to insult you. There are way more jackasses here than there are good people, but if you can get past that and learn to have fun with it, and talk baseball. Then it's worth it because even with all the jackasses this place knows baseball and if you want to learn about baseball, and the Rangers this is the best place to come. When the day comes when the Rangers make the playoffs again you can bet that this is the place you will want to be.

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