Vol. #2: Spring Training Videos

Here's the link to the first Fanpost. Here are more player videos by Anthony Andro and Jeff Wilson of the FWST, Jason Cole of, Richard Durrett of ESPNDallas and Evan Grant of the DMN:

March 3: Engel Beltre takes batting practice

Johnny Whittleman takes batting practice

Michael Schlact and Kevin Castner throw

March 4: Rangers video: Luis Mendoza throws on the side

Rangers video: Warner Madrigal back on the mound

March 5: Neftali Feliz bullpen video

Kasey Kiker live BP video

Mitch Moreland hits in the cage

Clay Rapada throws a bullpen session

Marcus Lemon takes batting practice

March 6: Vladimir Guerrero BP video

Josh Hamilton BP video

Chris Ray live BP video

Omar Beltre live BP video

Doug Hogan takes batting practice

March 7: Max Ramirez batting cage video

Vladimir Guerrero batting cage video

Nelson Cruz batting cage video

Julio Borbon batting cage video

March 8: Tanners Scheppers strikeout video

Joey Butler at-bat video

Michael Kirkman strikeout video

Jarrod Saltalamacchia at-bat video

March 9: Johnny Gunter and Ben Henry throw

: O. De Los Santos, Ahn, Matlock and Campbell throw long toss

Geuris Grullon throws a bullpen session

Tommy Hunter bullpen video

Justin Smoak BP video

Matt Brown BP video

Mitch Moreland BP video

Perez and Wieland throw

March 10: Robbie Ross bullpen video

Neil Ramirez/Mark Hamburger combo video

Tim Murphy bullpen video

Brandon McCarthy batting practice video

Paul Strong throws long toss

March 11: Ian Kinsler BP video

Michael Young BP video

Josh Hamilton BP video

Chris Davis vs. Ron Washington BP video

Richard Alvarez and Matt Thompson play catch

Corey Young throws a bullpen session

Pitchers throw in the bullpen

Pitchers do live fundamental work

March 12: Edwar Ramirez bullpen video

Mitch Moreland at-bat video

Rich Harden bullpen video

Omar Beltre B game video

March 13: Vladimir Guerrero BP video

C.J. Wilson bullpen video

Neftali Feliz vs. Justin Smoak video

Miguel Velazquez takes batting practice

Jorge Alfaro makes a throw

Cristian Santana takes batting practice

Jurickson Profar takes batting practice

Catchers DiFazio, Perez, Alcombrack and De Los Santos work behind the plate

March 14: Hernan Iribarren BP video

Geuris Grullon bullpen video

 Carlos Pimental bullpen video 

Tae Kyung Ahn throws a tracking session

Chris Matlock throws a tracking session

Carlos Pimentel throws a tracking session

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