OT: old guys and recent prominent former rangers(blalock update!)

i have an unusual thursday off today and am up real early for an off day and am real bored so here's this.

how the oldest of the old are faring so far this season:


Jamie Moyer (48 years old). that must make him oldest pitcher ever (not counting satchel paige) because baseball-reference stops his age comparisons at age 46 (tommy john)

1-1 with a 7.50 ERA. 7 K's in 12 innings (2 starts). 1.417 WHIP.


Tim Wakefield (43 years old, will turn 44 later this season)

0-1 with a 6.38 ERA. 11 K's in 18.1 innings (3 starts). 1.636 WHIP.


Omar Vizquel (43 years old)

6 games, 16 at bats. 2 hits (.125 avg, .222 obp, .188 slg). 1 double.


Trevor Hoffman (42, will turn 43 later this season)

3 saves, 1-1 record, 5 games. 3 k's in 5 innings. 2.000 Whip


Matt Stairs (42 years old) much was made about him being on his 13thish team which i believe is a record.

8 games, 8 at bats. 1 hit (.125 avg and obp, .250 slug). 1 double, 4 strikeouts


Brad Ausmus (41 years old)

4 ab's in 1 game. 1 hit (.250/.250/.500) in 4 ab's. 1 double.


Ken Griffey (40 years old)

10 hits in 38 ab's (.263/.317/.289) 1double.


Mariano Rivera (40 years old)

6 saves. 8 games. 0.00 ERA. 6 k's in 7 innings. 0.571 WHIP


Takashi Saito (40 years old)

6 games, 6 innings, 0.00 ERA. 9 K's in 6 innings.  0.500 WHIP


now...prominent recent former rangers:

Marlon Byrd

has played all 15 games with the cubs this year. .838 OPS.  all games at centerfield

Andruw Jones

11 games with the whitesox this year. 1.076 OPS. 2 stolen bases. 3 games at DH, 1 game at center, 2 games at right, 3 in left.


Hank Blalock <img src=""/>

7 games with the might Durham Bulls (AAA team for the Rays). he is rocking hard at 3rd base with a .902 OPS and 0 errors! 9 strikeouts is kinda sad though :(

Ivan Rodriguez

12 games with the nats. 1.069 OPS and already a stolen base.

Vicente Padilla

3 starts for the dodgers. 1-1 record with 8.04 ERA. 15 K's in 15.2 innings (a k machine??? last year with the dodgers he had 38 in 39.1 innings). 1.532 WHIP.  leads the league with 3 hit batters (1 every 5 innings)

Kevin Millwood

4 games for the O's. 0-3 record with 3.38 ERA. 24 K's in 26.2 Innings. 1.238 WHIP.

Ramon Vazquez

earlier was released by the pirates, even though he was still under contract. signed minor league deal with the M's. 6 days ago. i don't see any stats for him in AAA or AA yet

Milton Bradley

14 games for the M's. .643 OPS. 1 stolen base! 3 tantrums

Frank Catalanotto

13 games and 14 ab's for the mets. .343 OPS.

Kameron Loe

for AAA nashville sounds he has started 3 games. is 1-1 with 5.51 ERA. 9 K's in 16.1 innings

Sidney Ponson

rocking it out with the long island ducks of the independent leagues. his page on their website lists him as starting 1 game in the spring so far.  0.00 ERA. 4 Innings, 4 K's, 3 hits, no walks

Brad Wilkerson

came back from retirement after signing minor league contract with the phillies.  he was released march 29

Jason Botts

signed minor league deal with the white sox in december. was released march 17

Jerry Hairston

13 games and 39 ab's for the padrews. .456 OPS and 2 SB!


13 games and 28 ab's for the mets. .531 OPS and 1 sb!

Rob Tejeda

7 games for the royals. 10.80 ERA in 6.2 Innings. 7 K's. 2.400 WHIP

Jamey Wright

4 games for the indians. 2 K's in 6.1 Innings. 0.789 WHIP

Wes Littelton

3 games for West Tenn Diamond Jaxx (AA team for M's) 8.44 ERA. 3 K's in 5.1 Innings.

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