OT: Draft Day

There's 370+ posts in the other draft thread and I have a feeling that today will generate it's fair share of comments, so let's get a new thread going.  For those who haven't been following along, here's a few Mock Drafts you can check out:

Rick GosselinPeter King, Mel Kiper

Kiper's Top 5 by position

I generally feel like Gosselin is the best, but all 3 of those guys use their sources in NFL front offices to inform their draft, so that should give a pretty good picture.  I find it interesting that the top 4 players, and 5 of the top 6 players, are likely to be from the Big 12.  That's just incredible to me.  It's been setting up like that for a while, but it's still pretty cool.

Other interesting things to me from those mocks are Kiper and Gosselin both having Morgan going to Cleveland at 7 (feel like that's new), Thomas falling to 22, 19, and 14, respectively (I think one of Dallas or Philly would trade up to get him in that case), and Gosselin being down on Spiller.  I agree that Spiller doesn't seem like a great fit for Jacksonville, but I don't know who else takes him.  I guess Seattle could, but they seem to have other more pressing needs.  Also, what happened to Charles Brown?  Mayock says he's rising up the board faster than anyone 3 days ago, and now none of these guys have him in the first round at all.

For those who are interested in the Cowboys pick at 27, I find that Gosselin's draft mini-profiles are pretty handy.  I would rank them: Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Iupati, Dez Bryant, Devin McCourty, Tyson Alalu, Golden Tate, and Bruce Campbell.   Other potential picks include Jared Odrick (DE), Nate Allen (FS), Rodger Saffold (OT), Charles Brown (OT) and Taylor Mays (SS).

Campbell and Mays would be the only two I would really be upset with.  The other scenario that would upset me is selling the farm to go get Dez Bryant.  I'd be ok with trying to move up for Thomas or Berry, but the bust rate is just too high for WR for me to feel comfortable trading away 2 1's or some other combination of  highway robbery.

For the second round, I like: Morgan Burnett (FS), Nate Allen (FS), Vladamir Ducasse (OG/OT), Jon Asamoah (OG), John Jerry (OG), Brandon Spikes (ILB), maybe Gilyard (WR). 

For the 3rd: Owusu-Ansah (CB/KR), Perrish Cox (CB), Jared Veldheer (OT), Brandon Spikes (ILB), Mardy Gilyard (WR),  Emmanuel Sanders (KR/WR), Ben Tate (RB).  Cowboys don't need another RB, but I just like that dude.  If Choice is traded or something I guess...


Ok, that's all I got.  So many possibilities for the Cowboys, most of them good.  Let's hope we're not looking at Taylor Mays and Terrence Cody after the first 2 rounds.

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