What the hell is going on at the ballpark!

In conjunction with another fan post I just saw I have a similar story from tonight's game that is just as mind boggling. Situation is as following: Bottom of the 8th, tied game, runners on 3rd and 1st...Kinsler at the plate.

So of course me and my buddies start a IAN KINS-LER chant that we start getting into. Meanwhile fans in the right field porch are trying to get the wave going as the game has come to a critical point and our fans are clueless once again. So, as were chanting, an usher comes down to our row and says, "I'm going to have to ask you to be quiet b/c we're getting complaints."

I was utterly shocked and could not believe what was going on. Here is a game at it's most critical point, we're in 1st place, I'm trying to encourage Kins to get the go-ahead hit and you're telling me to be quiet!? I couldnt believe it and still dont. I then yelled back the following:

"Are you serious?! What about the wave? Is that OK? Is this supposed to be a serious fan base? He then went off to hide because at that point I know he was embarrassed b/c other fans were chirping in to.

Kins goes on to get the winning hit b/c of the karma against the usher. Later in between the 8th and 9th while Neftali is warming up, the same usher comes back down and at this point I am outraged. I yell to him," Hey man, I'll tell you this, next time the damn Yankees are in town and they start their Lets Go Yankees chant, you better tell them to shut the fuck up."

It made me feel good b/c I was so disappointed in a person working for our OWN franchise to tell us to be quiet. No alcohol was involved and it was a good clean cheer.

I wrote the following to Greenberg on Facebook and like the champ he is, he wrote back quickly:


Kenny Bybee May 8 at 10:57pm First of all Happy Bday sir! So ready to have you aboard. Tonight something at the game severly disappointed me. I was sitting in Sec. 320 and my group of friends were chanting Ian Kinsler during his big AB in the 8th. Thats when an usher actually came and told us to get this, BE QUIET. Im still in disbelief it actually happened. I have been a diehard Rangers fan since 90 when i was 6. It was a punch to the gut to be told to be quiet when im trying to pump up the crowd and doing so in a tasteful manner. Im not asking for free tickets or anything, i just wanted to voice my concern bc this fan base is on the verge of being apart of something special and that moment tonight from one of our employees was very disappointing.
Chuck Greenberg May 8 at 11:21pm hi kenny...thx for the bday wishes...thx too for telling me about your experience tonight...that's crazy and certainly totally inconsistent with my view of the world...enthusiasm is good...period...although I don't have any real say in matters yet, I will follow up and see if we can get to the bottom of it...hang in there and keep the faith!

I know Chuck Morgan goes through these posts and Newberg, Chuck if your reading this, can anything be done about this nonsense? I feel ashamed to be a Rangers fan when something like this happens. The wave is one thing, but this is downright BS!

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