Mavs / NBA Off-Season

It is a few days until July 1st, but I figured I would go ahead and get this thread started on a Rangers off day. Lots of speculation going on right now...and here is the way I see this:

1. Lebron to Chicago - I think he has had his mind made up for awhile.Lots of factors lead me to thinking this way:

During the season Lebron requested a number change from 23...why do this? (cant wear 23 in Chi)

Wade's comments about Chicago not taking care of their stars....obviously meant for the ears of Lebron who has probably already told Wade his intentions...

Chicago hiring of their coach who is represented by Lebron's people

The rumors floating about Lebron eating where Jordan used to and trying to act like him.

Chicago also just dumped Hinrich to Washington probably because Lebron has requested that they get another near MAX player.

2. Wade stays in Miami - No surprise here...I do think Wade is really trying to reel in one big fish with him, but he isn't going anywhere.

3.Bosh to ?(Chi/Mia/NY) - This one I am still questioning.....Does Bosh really want to be the Robin to James or Wade? He will have his chance. I could also really see Bosh go to the Knicks to make his own name for himself and try to become more largely known (and get more endorsements)

4.Joe Johnson to the Knicks - I think Dallas has a slim chance at this one, but I think the Knicks already realize that they are not getting Lebron/Wade, so they will focus on getting Johnson and another. I really don't think Joe Johnson is a MAX guy, but he will get it. The Knicks will not go without adding a few big names as they have waited 3 years for this off-season.

Those are the top now what happens to our Mavs?

I do think Dirk signs a new contract with the Mavs fairly quickly

I think we miss out on the top 4 for sure...I just cant see it happening. Then, we start focusing in on players such as Stodamire/ Boozer/ Lee....I think the problem is that so many teams cleared cap room for a chance at the big guns, that these smaller guns will get MAX money once the other teams are left out in the cold.

I do see the Mavs moving Dampier for a better player....(either a FA or a player with a lot of money left) and then signs Damp back when he is released

I think Dallas will sign and trade Haywood for something, just because I think he left a bad taste in the Mavs mouth near the end of the season (attitude and his play)

and finally I think the Mavs ink Shaq for the MLE for a couple of years.

This will probably keep the Mavs about where they are in terms of power in the West. We will be good, but not a championship team

It should at the least be entertaining.....

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