Pre-Draft Discussion - Is Karsten Whitson really in play?

***Added Frankie Piliere's twitter account. He's been on a roll with information on this Saturday. Don't know for sure it will pan out but I'd imagine his sources are pretty, pretty, pretty good. Grandel for 3ish million and Mets targeting O'Connor?***

I figured draft discussion is going to ramp up now, especially as news leaks out and who's going where becomes clearer. So this is a grab bag fanpost for the next two and half days so we can get our discussion in one place rather than a comment here or there in various threads. Besides if Piliere's right that's worthy of its own thread and discussion anyway. See link below.

I think its safe to say Harper, Tallion, Machido, and Grandel are going 1-4. Which one ends up a Pirate or an O doesn't really affect to the Rangers. After that though, well who the heck knows. Ask 15 experts and you'll have 15 completely different draft boards 5-25. Money also plays a part.

2008 Draft Bonus' and slots There was a drop-off of "slotted" bonus' last year but supposedly the numbers this year should be similar to or slightly higher than 2008 so this is a good guide for the type of money 15, 22, 45, and 49 will cost.

If you need a good primer or three check out:

Frankie P's insider info on the top 15 finally becoming clear

Andy's fantastic draft page

Sickel's latest mock

So with that in mind call your shots. Three questions with the caveat that the Rangers have a budget and 15 has to be signed.

1) Who do you want at 15 and 22? Heck 45 and 49 too if you follow down through the top 50.

2) Who do you absolutely not want? Who is going to drive you to commit Faggicide if selected?

3) Who do you expect the Rangers to take?

I'm going to assume Piliere's info is legit. He's in the industry and he certainly knows the Rangers and their tendencies. For me if Choice is gone and Whitson is on the board at 15 I'd grab him and never look back. Assuming Texas has talked to his agent about a deal. I've never heard anyone speak about him demanding big money though. So the 2nd best (debatable) HS arm that won't cost a fortune falling into Texas' lap at 15 would be ideal. Many have him as a top ten talent.

At 22, if he's there you have to take Wimmers. Affordable with a good projectable body and three pitches he can throw for strikes. Yes Texas needs some bats but I like several guys who should be available at 45 and 49. Wimmers is too good a talent at an affordable price to pass. Though if someone wants to try and change my mind and take Vitek, well feel free to make your case. If there really is money to spend then pony up for someone who falls or a high school kid like Robbie Ross a few years ago who wants above slot later. If the Rangers can get a couple of really good affordable guys early they can money whip later.

Austin Wates, OF, Virginia Tech Reggie Golden, OF, Wetumpka HS (AL) Jarrett Parker, OF, Virginia Jedd Gyorko, SS, West Virginia Ryan LaMarre, OF, Michigan

Are a few of the names who may still be available late in the supplemental round.

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