It's Draft Day, sluts. 

I'll post as many links and info as I can here as it comes in throughout the day. 

I'm guessing AJM will come around and do some rapes on an official thread for the draft itself, but here's where all the day time rapes should go. 

Any links or info just drop it in the comments and I'll update it here throughout the fucking day. 

I love genitalia.

1. Baseball America's YouTube Channel. 
2. Prospect Tube. 


I'll only post some individual links to vids of some of the more interesting dudes below. Usually I'll only do one vid of each dude, but you should be able to use that to find more related content if you so choose.

RHP, Stetson Allie. 
RHP, Asher Wojasomething

RHP, Dylan Covey
RHP, Karsten Whitson.  
RHP, Deck(ard Cain) McGuire
RHP, Brandon Workman. 
RHP, DeAndre Smelter
RHP, DeAndre Smelter working out with ex-Ranger a-hole, Kevin Brown

3b, Nick Castellanos
2b/CF, The Lino The Shields, Part Duex. 
2b/OF, Kolbren Vitek.
C, Yasmani Grundle.
OF, Ryan Lamarre
3b, Garin Cecchini. 
OF, Michael Choice
OF, Josh Salte


ANDY'S BLOG: Make sure to direct some of your precious web traffic to LSB board member turned draft guru-slash virginity slayer Andy Sieler's excellent SBN nation blog: MLBBonusBaby. Seriously... go there often... drive up his traffic... make him famous... he'll buy me a wise-cracking parrot maybe if he gets famous he said. (He did not say this.) 

HOW TO MAKE A BASEBALL ORGASM: The Professor of Sex is on Twitter, and will from time to time drop little kernels of draft knowledge as part of his ongoing dissertation on how to make my baseball pants explode with delight.



Mayo's latest mock at

15. Texas Rangers: Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State
This is the pick they need to sign, since they won't get compensation for the selection if they don't.

22. Texas Rangers: Kellin Deglan, C, Langley Blaze, BC
With O'Conner off the board, the Rangers could go with next-best prep backstop.


Frank Piliere has released his draft day mock and has a nice surprise at #22... 

15. Rangers | Kolbrin Vitek (2B) | Ball State 
The Rangers have done an outstanding job of keeping their lips sealed this spring, but I think they will simply wait for the best bat to fall to this spot. Brentz is a fit here, as well as high school hitters like Kellin Deglan or Matt Lipka.

22. Rangers | Zack Cox (3B) | Arkansas
There has been heavy industry buzz that Zack Cox could take a serious tumble down the board given his asking price. The belief is that Cox has a home somewhere in the 20s with a team that is willing to consider his price tag. Despite doubts about their financial situation, many in the industry believe that team could be the Rangers.


ex-Ranger scout Frank Piliere is doing a live chat RIGHT NOW over at MLB Fanhouse, which I've been assured is not a "house of rape", as some have claimed, but rather a baseball site where Mr. Piliere writes words at you. 


Sieler's mock(a bit old... from June 2nd): 

15. Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State - Though Wimmers is an option for a few teams before this, he's likely a backup option in each slot, making him a natural fit here, where the Rangers could pay him slot money in an unprotected draft slot. A lot of names have been thrown around for this slot, but when it comes down to it, it makes the most sense to go with the simplest answer, which is Wimmers.

22. Kaleb Cowart, 3B, Cook County HS (GA) - After going relatively safe with their first pick, which is unprotected, I expect the Rangers to be a little more aggressive with their second pick. That could mean Cowart, who is also a big pitching prospect. He wants to hit, though, and the word is that the Rangers are willing to let him do that for the right price, which is easily over slot.




BA's Jim Callis' morning mock

15. RANGERS. Though the Rangers have declared bankruptcy and the franchise is in the process of being sold, their draft budget will give them the flexibility to go over slot in spots. This pick is unprotected by compensation, so they may play this one safe and spend elsewhere. Texas loves the athleticism of fast-rising Georgia high school outfielder Jake Skole, and he should be easy to sign after not dreaming of going this high two weeks ago. If the Rangers want an athlete with a more proven bat, Vitek could fit the bill.

22. RANGERS. Texas could spend for Castellanos or Grandal here. If the Rangers decide to stick at slot, they could take Brentz, Wojciechowski or Workman.


I don't have Insider, but according to an LSB poster (who shall remain nameless, but he once boasted he was "hung like a minority who snuck onto a cruise ship bound for the US Virgin Islands"), the Klaw has us taking Brandon Workman at #15 and Karsten Whitson at 22

He also apparently mentions Luke Jackson, whoever the mother fuck that is. AJM prolly knows him, cause it sounds like he's a bad person, so AJM prolly ruined his marriage or slept with his nanny or something. 

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